Dec 282013

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by State Master Vicki

While the website is a wonderful tool for communicating with our Brothers and Sisters across the state we must remember that the information is seen by the world and not just Grangers. Articles for the website should focus on current events, information regarding “Exciting Grangers and Granges,” ideas and suggestions that will help us as an organization and legislative issues that may be of interest to all.

Recently we’ve been receiving a growing number of personal items that fall into the category of “Fraternal Concerns.” As most know, the website policy is to limit these so they do not appear on the site’s home page, but do go to subscribers in the form of an email. Understand, however, that we are expending resources even when we do this–the website is maintained almost daily on a volunteer basis. We ought to be good stewards and make the best use of it we can.

A secondary concern involves accuracy and privacy. We’ve recently had some inaccurate information posted and, while things like obituaries often become public, we have no assurance that a member wishes us to post that he or she has had surgery, is ill, etc.

There are many members who have contributed to our Granges and it is understandable that we want to honor and remember them. Perhaps we should consider doing this as a Grange Program while they are still living! But we also do not want the website to become a “gossip column” of personal information of interest to only a small group of people. Please think twice before asking our webmaster to publish a fraternal concern. We have typically made exceptions for current or former State Officers since they tend to be more widely known. If you have a question about whether or not a Fraternal Concern is appropriate for the site, please email me with “Fraternal Concern” in the subject line. We do have and will continue to develop alternative methods for distributing this sort of information because we are, after all, a fraternal organization.

In the meantime, why not share what’s exciting about your Grange?! We’re not closed for the winter, are we?

Dec 252013

A Christmas Thought…

“Above all, remember that amid all that is bright and beautiful in Nature there is nothing which blooms with such unfading colors–there is no perfume on earth fraught with such fragrance–as the flowers of good works and the sweet-smelling savor of that pity which feels for the wants and relieves the distress of our Sisters and our Brothers.”

Flora’s charge, second degree


Dec 232013
Dec 232013

christmas_tree_lights_flickering_150_clrHappy Holidays to all!! Community Service/Family, Health, and Hearing Committee would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Right, after the first of the year I will be sending out an informational packet to each of the Granges in Maine to help promote Community Service/Family, Health & Hearing.  Let’s all join together and make it a banner year for Maine State Grange.  If anyone is interested in joining the committee please feel free to contact me at anytime via email at christinecorlissatymaildotcom  (christinecorlissatymaildotcom)   or via telephone at 207-457-6265 or 207-651-6494.  Again, Happy Holidays.

Dec 222013

posted by Walter Boomsma

Get Real Get MaineThis always sneaks up on me! I decided to create a post as well as add this to the event calendar because it truly is a state-wide event. I try to attend every year and usually bump into a number of Grangers!

The 73nd annual Agricultural Trades Show will be held at the Augusta Civic Center on January 7-9, 2014.  Admission is FREE!  Show hours:

  • Tuesday, January 7         9am-5pm
  • Wednesday, January 8    9am-8pm
  • Thursday, January 9        9am-3pm

This show provides an atmosphere to walk through, observe, and educate the public about different areas of agriculture. Great exhibits and lots of educational opportunities! Visit the website for more information, a brochure and detailed information.

Dec 222013

Vicki - Sash (2)By Master Vicki

Christmas always seems to make me sentimental. While thoughts of Christmas past and the members of my family who are no longer with us can be somber, the joy of those memories and the hope of making more memories makes this a wonderful time of year. And this year not only are we making more memories, we’re also making more family! Three of my nieces announced this fall that they will have babies in the spring, two girls and a boy. For my brother this will be his first grandchild, talk about exciting!

Growth is exciting and I am hearing and seeing growth in our Granges. It is all because of YOU! This is coming about in part because the word is getting out that the Grange is “on the move.” You are making your Granges places where people want to be. To borrow the title of a familiar holiday song, “Go tell it on the mountain!” And while you’re at it, submit it to the website and bulletin as well!

Another media we now have available is Grange Radio, sponsored by National Grange. You can click on this link: or type “Grange Radio” in your web browser and it should take you there. The official kick off is the beginning of January but there’s some great music and Grange news to listen to now. (Webmaster’s note: the link originally given doesn’t seem to be working in all browsers, try or use the link in the sidebar.)

For those on Facebook when you have a few moments please like Maine’s member of the Grange Herd, Jefferson the Moose. This stuffed animal will be traveling with me promoting Grange across our state.

My hope for you at this season is that you will be spending this special time of year with someone you love. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a bountiful 2014–for you and your Grange.

Dec 222013

Patriot Program LogoThe National Grange program’s department is very excited to bring you the newest and last edition to this year’s program on World War II. This CD includes one PowerPoint, notes on Granges, and a short video.

The PowerPoint deals with legislative issues the Grange dealt with during WWII particularly agricultural issues. You will also find a word document which includes information on various Granges and what events, projects, and members did during WWII. You will also find a short video to watch on the World War II Memorial. The video is about 5 minutes long and also includes a word document with more information on the memorial.

These Cd’s are available for FREE at the National Grange, due to the sponsorship of Potomac Grange #1. This will be the last disc in this collection. In 2014, we will focus on the Korean War and its veterans. If you, or your members, have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Samantha Johnson via email at sjohnsonatnationalgrangedotorg  (sjohnsonatnationalgrangedotorg)   or call 1-888-447-2643 ext. 109.

Request for CD’s will be processed beginning January 2, 2014.


Dec 212013
Heading to the Grange!?

Heading to the Grange!?

Actually, at the moment isn’t bad! But there are dire predictions around the state that it is going to be frightful. If you are planning to attend a scheduled Grange event this weekend (or any time the weather is bad), it would make a great deal of sense to check and make certain the event hasn’t been cancelled or postponed.

We’ve already been advised that Harraseeket Grange #9 of Freeport has cancelled the Christmas Party scheduled for today (Saturday, December 21) because of the pending storm. (Nancy Clark said to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!)

Please note that we do not operate a “storm center” with up to the minute cancellations–one reason we ask you to provide contact information when submitting an event to the calendar is so folks can check the status of the event. (To access that information, click the event on the calendar… you can access the calendar from the sidebar of the site.)

Dec 202013

Submitted by Rick Watson, proud new member of Fairview Grange #342.

Fairview Grange recently installed five new members and more are looking to join.

2013 brought a community collaboration between the Grange and The North Pond Association, Duratherm Window/York Spiral Stair. I am the president of the North Pond Association so will address NPA’s involvement this time and Duratherm next issue.

The Fairview Grange is located on the shore of North Pond, one of the gems of the Belgrade Lakes chain. The lake association had long wished for a location on the water to showcase best management practices for conserving our precious resource, North Pond. Planned models are rip rap (rocks) on the shoreline to protect the shoreline from erosion. Erosion control mulch to slow runoff. Buffer plantings to catch and filter runoff before it has a  chance to carry sediment into the lake. A rain garden that allows water to settle out rather than runoff. Infiltration trenches to catch the rain coming off the roof and again, allow settling rather than runoff.

Sound scientific? Hard to comprehend? Exactly! That is why we were looking for a piece of property to develop, showing rather than talking about, the practices any shoreline property owner can implement on their lot to protect the lake. Our goal is to have a park like setting with signage detailing each model for guided or self guided tours. So far we have beautiful steps to the water’s edge, over 60 plants and bushes have been planted, trees trimmed to open up the view and enough cash on hand to really make spruce things up this Spring. Rose bushes, white picket fences, an arbor and cedar tree-lined property lines coming as soon as the weather breaks.

Our hope is to make the Fairview Grange a showplace and a true community center, a place in use the better part of 52 weeks each year. Fairview Grange,115 years young with a renewed focus and mission. Watch us grow and watch for an invitation to an open house and tour of our grounds next Summer. To help us or for more info please email northpondpresatgmaildotcom  (northpondpresatgmaildotcom)  Best wishes for the Holidays,

Rick Watson