Sep 302013

A very successful Degree Day was held recently at Danville Junction Grange 65 with four candidates taking the degrees.  Pictured from left to right are Kristen Barker and Brent St.Germain from Turner Grange and Melissa McLaughlin and Debra Seeley from Danville Junction Grange.

A donation of one hundred dollars was recently presented to the Auburn Police Activities League by Danville Junction Grange to be used for their Auburn Youth Center.  Pictured making the presentation is Maynard Chapman of Danville Junction Grange and Officer Tom Poulin of the Auburn Police Department.  This donation was part of the proceeds from the chicken barbecue held recently at Danville.  Officer Poulin was the chef for this occasion.

Sep 302013
A very successful Degree Day was held recently at Danville Junction Grange 65 with four candidates taking the degrees.  Pictured from left to right are Kristen Barker and Brent St.Germain from Turner Grange and Melissa McLaughlin and Debra Seeley from Danville Junction Grange.

A very successful Degree Day was held recently at Danville Junction Grange 65 with four candidates taking the degrees. Pictured from left to right are Kristen Barker and Brent St. Germain from Turner Grange and Melissa McLaughlin and Debra Seeley from Danville Junction Grange.

Sep 302013

Union Harv BldIn a special town meeting on September 28 the citizens of Montville voted by overwhelming majority to return ownership of a town building that was formerly the town’s Grange hall in years past, to the recently formed Union Harvest Grange #591. All of us in Union Harvest would like to thank all our fellow Grangers who have helped and encouraged us this past year.

We can now begin to work towards becoming an important part of our community. Just as it should be. Just as it was in years past.

Sep 282013

Webmaster’s note–you’ll perhaps recall a request for reports of exciting Granges and Grangers around our state. Here is our first reply! How many more exciting Granges and Grangers do we have in our fair state? Do you know an exciting Grange or Granger?

Submitted by Angela Smith, West Bath Seaside Grange #592

Exciting Granges and Grangers

Exciting Granges and Grangers

Well I am new to Grange so I haven’t met a lot of people or do I know a lot of the Granges so I am at a disadvantage but I will say that I myself love the Patrons of Husbandry at West Bath Seaside Grange #592. I and my fiance John Brigance also along with my daughter Kaitlyn Smith are very excited about starting our Grange and have many new ideas! My daughter has written an essay for her English class about the Patrons of Husbandry and it’s history, but she has also told it in a way that teenagers would want to become members of our organization. She is promoting our organization through education! I myself want to start a Junior Grange in our grange and am in the process of working on talking with some friends who have the children of the right age group. I also have many great ideas for fundraisers that I believe will help not only our Grange but also our other Granges because I believe in order for our Grange to survive we must help our brothers and sister survive as well! My fiance also has many ideas that he has brought out to the table and wants to implement to our Grange and he is the Master of our Grange. We are in the beginning stages but I believe we will succeed! We have the heart, the spirit, and the will to  persevere to make sure we succeed! I know that I may sound a little conceited but I do believe we are very good for the Patrons of Husbandry and that you are all good for us!

Sep 262013

by Master Vicki

Here’s an idea straight from New England City and Town News Notes–start a homework club! The New Milford CT Youth Services Agency has created one open to kids from third to sixth grade that meets every Saturday morning.

  • Could your Grange Hall be the place where the students study?
  • Wouldn’t this be a great Community Service Project?

And speaking of kids… have you started planning your Dictionary/Words for Thirds Project for this year?

Sep 252013

The Dexter Community Band will perform a benefit concert for the Wayside Grange/Theatre on Sunday Sept. 22 at the Dexter Town Hall at 2PM. Admission is by donation.

Reserved tickets for the final Evergreen Concert on October 26 are now over 60 and growing. It looks like a full house to say goodbye to a local band that has provided us with quality entertainment for almost 2 decades. A suggestion was made to present the group with a cake at intermission.

Tim Breen reported a reading for Talent Night acts will take place on September 24th at the Grange Hall at 6:30 PM. All speaking parts have been cast and a few more music groups are being nailed down. The show is scheduled for October 5th with a dress rehearsal on Thursday October 3rd. It was decided to video the production as well as the Evergreen concert.

The children’s Play scheduled for Sept. 21 has been cancelled due to lack of participation by students that originally signed up for parts.

There was a lengthy discussion about the Grange supper congestion when the meal is first served. The first group seated should get their meal first before any more people are allowed into the dining area. There was suggestions on changing the location where the food is presently being served. Wally Warren will play music during the next grange supper.

Grace Lommel presented the publicity posters for the Nite Boat concert, the next grange supper, and the band concert. Grace is also working on a press release for the Evergreen show that should be ready in 2 weeks. Dave Pearson displayed a first draft poster for Talent Night. Chester Bekier informed the group about our being on Face Book and encouraged members to participate.

The last 2 concerts did not play to a full house and Joe Kennedy and Tim Breen  suggested that the Labor Day time slot may not be a good time to book concerts.

We also might want to consider only booking bands that are locally well known.

The next meeting will be on Thursday October 10th at 6PM at the Wayside Grange at 581 North Dexter Road.

Sep 232013
Master Vicki

Master Vicki

Please register now for National Grange Convention! The early-bird registration expires on October 11th and registration will be $30.00 after that date. Register now and save yourself a few bucks! Also, if you know of folks that do not have access to a computer but are planning to go please print the National Grange Convention Registration Form available on this site and pass it on so they can get in on the special rate as well. (Note this is not the form to register for the Seventh Degree. Click the tab “Conferences” at the top of the page for more information.

Don’t forget there are still seats available for the bus trip to the Seventh Degree at National Convention in Manchester, NH. The cost is $50.00. Make your check payable to The Maine State Grange and mailed to the State Grange Office 146 State Street Augusta, ME 04330, attention Jim Owens. Do not miss out on this opportunity because National Grange will not be back is this region until 2018.

Hope to see you in Manchester!



Sep 232013
Jr. LogoJunior Department
Laurie McBurnie

Don’t forget to bring your entries in the Potato Growing Contest to State Grange Session. This contest is open to all ages. For judging place three potatoes on a plate and label what kind they are. Put an entry form (name, address, grange, age group: Juniors: 5-7; 8-11; and 12-14 (as of 1-1-2013); Subordinate: 14-25 yrs., 26-35 yrs. and 36 & older.) on the bottom of the plate. Turn in to Junior table by 10 a.m. on Thurs., Oct. 17.

Junior Grange entries in the National Creative Writing and Crafts contests have been sent to the National Junior Director. If you attend the National Convention, be sure to look for Maine’s entries.

Congratulations to Emily, Jillian and Zoe Dill who all won prizes in the State Lecturer’s Poetry contests. Entries for the Lecturer’s art contests are being readied.

The Junior Committee will have a raffle table at State Session and will also be selling hand fans (great Lecturer March prizes). The committee is also gearing up to serving lunches, and some breakfast and snack items, at the State Session in October. The menu includes sandwiches, American chop suey and Shepard’s pie. We’re also planning an ice cream social for Thursday evening. Any grange interested in helping by donating items should contact Laurie to find out what is needed.

Sep 232013

Youth LogoGreetings Fellow Grangers:

The Youth will have a table at State Convention and a 50/50 Raffle each day! All proceeds will go to The Youth Travel fund! The Youth Department is requesting BASKETS and (or) a few nice items for our table! We know State Grange is just around the corner. Please forgive the short notice! (I have a new job selling Real Estate and I have been busy showing and selling homes.)

Please note we need all Contest entries by Thursday morning Oct.17th!

It is important that all Granges stop by the Youth table as we need to give you information!

Important……let Terry or CJ know if you will be able to help at the Youth table this convention!

All the best,

Terry Lee LaCombe and CJ Roy, CO Youth Directors

Sep 222013
Win this quilt!

Win this quilt!

Knox Pomona is holding a raffle for a Grange quilt made by the late Ned Berry of Penobscot View Grange in 2008. A list of the Granges in the State of Maine is surrounded by photos of several Grange halls across the state.

The quilt will be on display during the State Grange Session in Skowhegan and raffle tickets can be purchased at that time ($1 each, 6 for $5). The winning ticket will be selected on Sat., Oct. 19 during the final day of State Session. You do not have to be present to win.

If you would like to purchase tickets ahead of time, please contact Master Sherrill Snowdeal, sherrillatmidcoastdotcom  (sherrillatmidcoastdotcom)  , or Sec. Laurie McBurnie, lmcburnieattidewaterdotnet  (lmcburnieattidewaterdotnet)  .