Aug 302013

NATL GR Greet BannerGrange Greetings is a program by the National Grange Lecturer’s Department that seeks to connect existing Granges and Grangers to newly chartered or reorganized Granges and members in an effort to welcome them to the family. We encourage all Granges or individual members to send a card, postcard, letter or trinket to the new Grange as a greeting. We hope you will take the time to tell new Granges a bit about your hometown and some of the positive things your Grange has done in your community or what you’ve gained from your Grange membership.

We believe through this program that new members and Granges will immediately feel the fraternal bonds that run so deep among our members who have been a part of our Order for generations and will be inspire to do great work and become long-standing members through such outreach.

We will also provide a bit of information about the area in which the new or reorganized Grange is located. You may choose to use this information to inform your members of the communities in which our Granges are growing through a Lecturer’s program. Junior Granges are especially encouraged to use this information to learn about the geography and history of American hometowns.

Get involved by sending your greeting to the new Granges via addresses of Lecturers or Secretaries provided in information releases about new charters or reorganizations. Don’t forget to find new Granges on social media like Facebook if they have created profiles/pages and interact with them today!

In the past two weeks, three Granges have been newly organized or reorganized. Take a moment to greet each one and learn about their communities!

On Monday, Aug. 19, 17 members signed the reorganization paperwork for Zion Oak Grange No. 826 in Springdale, Ark. Eight of those were former members of the Grange, which was inactive since 2011. This is the only Grange currently chartered in Arkansas. Judy Sartwell will serve as their Secretary. Her address is 4550 Habberton Road, Springdale, AK 72764. Springdale is the home of about 70,000 people, many of whom are associated with Tyson Foods, headquartered in the city, and the nearby University of Arkansas. The city was originally founded in 1838 as Shiloh and soon after a Baptist Church that was central to the community was built. When it was burned during the Civil War, much of the towns identity was compromise and ten years after the church was rebuilt the city was incorporated under the name Springdale. The local history museum, the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History, still retains the town’s  original name and features many Native American artifacts.

A new Grange in Augusta, Ga., was organized on Thursday, Aug. 22, under  the name Savannah River Grange No. 736. The charter was signed by 16 people, all new members to the Grange, many of whom became interested in forming a Grange after meeting with National Lecturer Pete Pompper and South Carolina State Grange President Jerry Martin while gathering information at an event related to their interest in hobby farming. It is the only Grange in Georgia. John Womack will serve as Secretary. His address is 80 Weeks Road, Trenton, SC 29847. Augusta is the state’s second largest city, home to more than 200,000 people including those serving at Fort Gordon, a U.S. Army Signal Base, and the birthplace of several celebrities including Hulk Hogan. President Woodrow Wilson’s boyhood home is located in Augusta along with the Augusta National Golf Club where one of the sport’s annual Master’s Tournaments is held.

Pennsylvania added a new Grange on Monday, Aug. 26, taking their total to 241 across the state. Hawk Mountain Grange No. 2109 had 17 people on its charter and held its first meeting where they elected Nancy  Marchefsky as Lecturer. Her address is 505 Willow St., Pottsville, PA 17901. Since their charter was issued by National Grange on Aug. 21, they have added seven new members, for a total of 24. Hawk Mountain Grange is meeting in Orwigsburg, the first county seat of Schuylkill County, with a mission to serve multiple communities in the area. Schuylkill County is known for anthracite coal mining in the 19th and early 20th centuries and is the home to the nation’s oldest brewery, Yuengling. It joins Jefferson Grange No. 1384 and Lewistown Valley Grange No. 1639 as part of the Schuylkill County Pomona Grange. Hawk Mountain Grange has a Facebook page

Aug 292013
State of Maine Ornament Project

State of Maine Ornament Project

In response to the WM  Vicki’s request for small items for the ditty bags to be distributed at the National Grange session in November, I submitted the following idea which she’s approved–a State of Maine tree ornament made with plastic canvas. We are now looking for workers familiar with this craft to prepare these as follows. (One regular size sheet will make 4 complete ornaments.  Each piece will need a piece of canvas 22 lines, 21 spaces wide by 64 lines, 62 spaces tall. This is approximately 3 1/2 x 8 3/4 inches. If anyone desires a plastic pattern piece,I will send one to them.)

  1. Cut two identical pieces from 7 count plastic canvas, clear, white or one may be green for the back side.
  2. With green worsted using long stitches spell MAINE trying to keep the back straight also as the yarn will show through.Randomly add 4 leaves for blueberries ( using one or two spaces,straight or diagonally).
  3.  Using darker green make long stitch tree branches.
  4. With brown make one long stitch for the tree trunk.
  5. Use a blue of suitable color  for blueberries to add one or two blueberries as space allows for each pair of leaves, using a small french knot.
  6. Whip stitch the two pieces together using any of the colors or white yarn.
  7. Bring completed pieces to the Maine State Session in Skowhegan or get them to Sister Vicki or myself  by October 17 for adding hanging cords. If you can not get them to Skowhegan by mailing to my address: P.O. Box 86, Sebago, ME 04029.

Thank you for your assistance in this National  Grange project.

Ann Burns,

Maple Grove Grange #148

Aug 292013

from the September 2013 bulletin

 Robert and Agnes Nelson, Directors, 207-568-3479

The summer is moving right along!!   The farmers are trying to get in the hay between rain showers.  The cattle corn is really growing in our fields.  The gardens seem to be doing well if they didn’t drown earlier.  We picked local strawberries earlier iii June and last week got some local blueberries.   The apple trees look like they are going to have a good crop also.  We have a peach tree we planted about four years ago.  This spring it had about thirty peach blossoms on it. We have found two peaches growing.  We had two trees originally but one died a couple years ago.  The surviving tree is a Reliance tree and we didn’t believe it needed a companion but we’re not sure now.

Bo and I have been attending the fairs as they come along.  To date we have attended  for the judges to get ready for the judging at fairs wanting Grange judges. We want to thank all of the Grange people who are serving as judges.

The Ag Committee wants to remind Granges we are looking for Farm Family applications. The applicants have until Sept. 1, 2013 to send them to the Maine State Grange.

The Ag Committee is also looking for donated items for the raffle table at Maine State Grange.  Items will be graciously accepted from Grangers and Granges.  Items can be dropped off at State Grange headquarters or bring to State Grange in Skowhegan.

Tickets are also available for the Agriculture Luncheon to be field at 12:00 noon on Thurs., Oct. 17 at the Federated  Church in Skowhegan during State Grange.  The meal will be roast pork.  The cost of the meal is $15.00.  The meal will be by reservation in advance only.

It won’t be long and summer will be behind us and fall will be here!

Aug 282013

At the last Grange meeting plans were made to present a second Talent Night Show on October 5 at the Wayside Grange/Theatre in North Dexter. The concept of the presentation is now being developed with musical acts sandwiched between, “despicable Maine”: skits with plenty of political satire to go around. Tim Breen, as Coordinator, has put a call out for more musical acts; all are invited to participate in a night of fun and laughter. An initial read-through of the script is scheduled for Sept. 5 at 6:30 PM at the Grange building.

Michelle Dyer-Fagan reported that the planned Children’s Play for Sept. 21 is developing along Kipling’s short story theme, “The Elephant’s Child.”  There will be 4 or 5 speaking parts and the age level will be third and fourth grade level. The play will be about 45 minutes. Tickets are $5. (Please note we’ve been advised this has been cancelled.)

Concern was voiced that at the last show the high decibel level of the music made some of the audience uncomfortable and we should monitor this more closely to get the sound to the more appropriate range suited to the auditorium.

Jack Weinstein of Garland was voted in as a new member of the grange.

Grace Lommel of the Publicity Committee has added the Dexter Community Band to the concert schedule for Sunday Sept. 22. Admission is by donation and this is now scheduled to be held at the town hall.

A note just in from the supper on August 10 had a hungry mob descend on the grange to feast on home made chicken pies cooked by Barb Bekier. 57 meals were served with over 16 people turned away at the door within 30 minutes of opening.

The next meeting will be on Sept. 12 at 6:00 PM at the grange at 581 North Dexter Road.

Aug 272013

Submitted by Steven Haycock:

Last week Past State Master Pat Brewer suffered a mini stroke, but is doing well.  As of Saturday morning he was still in a hospital in Augusta.  Get well cards should be sent to his home address and someone will make sure that he gets them.

 Pat Brewer
20 Harry/Thelma Road
Jefferson, Maine 04348
Aug 252013
South Sangerville Grange Contingent checking out the chicken pie.

South Sangerville Grange Contingent checking out the chicken pie.

They came from all different directions–and in the case of the installation team different routes–for the annual installation of officers at Garland Grange. Other than some detours and scenic routes, State Master Vicki’s Installation Team was efficient and, at times, funny!

Pomona and Garland Master Bill once again demonstrated his “git ‘er done” approach to suppers and cooking… and one phrase heard throughout the evening was “chicken pies.” No wonder people come from miles around for Garland’s Public Suppers.

After the traditional amount of fumbling (what would an installation be like if there wasn’t some confusion over who was supposed to be where and how to pronounce things like last names and locations?) officers from South Sangerville, Valley, Garland Granges and Piscataquis Pomona were duly installed. We even enjoyed having a grandson “Cody” and his grandmother “Kathy” from South Sangerville as assistant and lady assistant for opening. And we demonstrated how patient and supportive Grangers can be when inexperienced officers are trying to figure out “floor work.”

Thanks to all who helped make this evening special!

Installation Team members Mike Griffin, Pauline Spencer, Vicki Huff, Debbie Ivers, Nancy Clark and Ellen Heigham

Installation Team members Mike Griffin, Pauline Spencer, Vicki Huff, Debbie Ivers, Nancy Clark and Ellen Heigham

Aug 232013

Administrative Coordinator Jim Owens advises us that annual officers’ and directors’ reports should be received by September 28th so there is sufficient time to get them “in the pad” for the state convention.  The preferable way of receiving the reports would be on the State Grange e-mail (mainestategrangeatmyfairpointdotnet  (mainestategrangeatmyfairpointdotnet)  ) as a Word attachment so he can just copy and paste.  It saves a lot of time. (I can relate!) Those who can’t use the e-mail can mail their reports to State Grange headquarters. You may have gotten an email for Master Vicki saying they were due by September 15th. There’s no confusion here, if you make that date you’ll have yours in early!

Aug 222013
WWW - Webmaster Walter Writes!

WWW – Webmaster Walter Writes!

I’ve had several questions recently regarding why some information and or events are not on the website, so I thought I’d just issue a quick explanation. There are four possible explanations why something isn’t here. In descending order of frequency.

  1. No one has sent the information or event for publication. While I appreciate the belief some have that I must know everything that’s going on and be able to answer every question I must unfortunately dispel that myth. Remember, there’s only one of me who does this very part time on a volunteer basis. If you are aware something is missing–either an event or information–you can help me a lot if you’ll contact the person responsible and encourage him or her to submit it! If you’re not sure who to contact, let me know and I’ll try to help. (Don’t forget your deputy is an excellent source of information and help.) This is the hands-down “winner” as a reason for things not being here. I’m sorry I do not have time to visit Facebook pages and other websites to find information.
  2. The information was submitted, but was considered not of broad enough interest to post to the site. When this happens, I always notify the submitter. An example might be that Mavis from SomeGrange #510 attended her grandson’s first birthday party. (No, no one has submitted anything like that, but you get the idea.) Fraternal concerns often fall into this category–you can view our website policy for a bit more information.
  3. The information was submitted, but was considered totally inappropriate. Again, I notify the submitter. An example might be a request from an individual or organization to post an event that simply has no connection to the Grange. Sometimes special interest groups will request I post “the facts” about topics they are wound up over. Nope. One other thing that falls into this category is scans of news articles and other material that is copyrighted. Again, the submitter is always notified.
  4. The one that almost never happens is “the webmaster hasn’t gotten around to it.” My commitment to you is to post information within 2-3 days of receipt. Generally, I have exceeded that by posting information the day after it is received. Sometimes there’s a delay because I have to contact the submitter for information that was missing. (By the way, it’s nearly back to school time and my schedule for September is pretty full… so please send stuff early and do your best to make it complete.) If you send me an event two days before it’s going to happen I may not post it simply because it’s not going to mean much.

Submitting information is really easy. You can click the tab at the top or just send an email to webmasteratmainestategrangedotorg. If you are sending photos, send them as an attachment to an email.

And speaking of information… with thanks to Master Vicki and the Executive Committee, I hope to be with you for State Conference at a table where you can visit and get a demonstration of  how the site works, ask your questions, share your ideas and concerns. More about that coming!

Aug 212013

Jr Grange hand fanThe Junior Department’s latest fundraiser is the sale of hand fans, designed to keep you comfortable during those warm grange hall meetings.

The 7” square red plastic fan is designed to be easily carried in your grange tote, purse or notebook. The imprinted design promotes Junior Grange and includes contact information for Maine State Grange. They are very effective, just ask members of Lincoln Pomona who put them to good use at recent subordinate and Pomona degree meetings.

The fans sell for $1 each, or a baker’s dozen for $12. At this price you should be getting a couple to leave at the grange hall, in your bag and in the car. They also make great Lecturer’s March prizes or a cute (and useful) gift for a new member.

Fans are available from Darrell and Betty Huff, Judy Meserve, Norma Meserve or Laurie McBurnie. If you don’t see any of these people often, please contact Laurie (563-5347 or laurie_mattidewaterdotnet) to make arrangements for delivering fans (we are trying to avoid the additional mailing charges). They will also be on sale at the State Grange session in October.

Aug 212013

Here’s a couple of newsy items regarding events:

Sagadahoc Pomona

Merton Ricker advises there have been some changes to three upcoming Sagadahoc Pomona Programs and dates. Complete information about the following events can be found on the event calendar. This is just here as an alert that some details have changed recently!

Wednesday – August 28, Installation of officers by State Master Vicki’s installation team at Enterprise Grange. The supper is potluck.

Wednesday, September 25 – Conferring the fifth degree at Merriconeag Grange. The supper is potluck. Officers are asked to meet on Sunday, September 22 at 2 PM at Merriconeag Grange for rehearsal. (Note this is now on the fifth degree opportunity list.)

Wednesday, October 9 – Pomona meeting at Woolwich Grange to prepare for state session.

Garland Grange – Help Wanted!

Garland Grange hosts the Garland Days Pie Contest on Thursday, September 5 and we need judges! Qualifications are the ability and desire to eat pie. Judging starts at 6 pm. Please email Andrea Rollins at andrea_rollinsatymaildotcom  (andrea_rollinsatymaildotcom)   or call 924-6954 and leave msg if you are available and interested. (Check the event calendar and you’ll discover Garland Grange is very busy during Garland Days.)

Lecturers and CWA Reminder

Steve Haycock reminds us that the Maine Lecturers Conference and CWA Conference are both scheduled for this Saturday, August 24th at State Headquarters. Lecturer’s meet from 9:00 to Noon. Lunch will be served by CWA and CWA Conference & Display of Needlework starts at  1:00 p.m.