May 272012

“But the freedom that they fought for, and the country grand they wrought for, Is their monument to-day, and for aye.”

Thomas Dunn English

There is surely no better memorial to those we honor this weekend than the freedom we have and our very country… but it is still more than fitting that we pause this weekend to remember those who gave their lives for us. According to the Home for Heroes Website, since the birth of the United States in 1776, over one million have purchased freedom with their lives. This is the weekend when we should each do our best to feel a very personal connection to them. I would likely not be sitting here writing this–you would likely not be reading it–were they not prepared to give as they did.

So take a moment to look around you… and understand that what you have and who you are was made possible in large part because a million plus men and women answered the call. Yes, that’s a big number. But they did so one at a time in a very individual and personal way. And that is how we perhaps best honor them. Parades and monuments are important. Flying the flag is good. But remembering is what it is really about–if just for a moment–and celebrating and guarding the freedom we have is the ultimate monument.

Walter Boomsma,



May 222012

submitted by Larry Bailey

This notice is a bit late but I wanted to let it be known that one of our longest term members passed away in March. Enid joined the Grange in April 1940. I was honored to present her with her 70 year pin and certificate. Sister Enid was also the Town Postmaster in Port Clyde for 53 years…a record. She will be sadly missed by the Grange and the community.

Every year for the past 7 years, our Grange members gather to place American flags on the graves of our military men and women at the Ridge Cemetery in St George Maine. We did so last Saturday. It humbles and honors one to take on this task.

Also, every year our Grange adopts a road in St George for the annual road clean-up. It is fun, invigorating and is a great community activity.

We hope the fuel heating season is over as our funds are almost depleted. As of our last payment this week, Ocean View has paid out $8,425 to help St George families to stay warm this season.


May 222012

Chelsea Grange welcomed 11 seventh and eighth graders to our hall on Saturday May 19. The middle schoolers were asked to research and report on “My Hometown”.

Some wrote reports, some did artwork, and some wrote poetry. Their teacher said they all worked hard on researching for the project, starting with a book on the history of Chelsea.

The reports were given orally and were enjoyed by all. It was wonderful to have young people in our hall and they enjoyed themselves also.


May 202012

Valley Grange celebrated our community on Friday, May 18th with a community potluck supper, grange membership longevity awards, and our annual Community Citizen Award. One highlight of the lecturer’s program was a PowerPoint Presentation entitled “Just Five Minutes.” The program highlights some of Valley Grange’s work and features some thoughts about community service and volunteering.

(Should you experience difficulty you can also watch the program on You Tube by clicking the You Tube Logo in the bottom right corner or by visiting this page.)

May 192012
Submitted by Steve Haycock:

Former Junior Grange Deputy Aldine Meserve of Sabbathday Lake Grange #365 has recently been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. We are asking that those wishing to keep her in your thoughts and prayers and show your support for her by sending her cards. Cards should be sent to

Aldine Meserve
44 Pond Road
Raymond, Maine 04071


May 192012

Educational Aide Fund & Howes Nursing Scholarship Fund

At the past several Annual State Sessions, we have been able to grant a dozen or more $600 scholarships to young people from across the state.  In order for us to continue this practice, we cannot rely much upon the interest that we receive upon our investments, (as you know times are “tuff”.)  We need the dedicated support of the subordinate and Pomona granges and most importantly the support of individual donors.  September first is the target date for the 2012 decision making on scholarships. (At the State Master’s behest, we are accepting funds in memory of our Past Flora, Kathy Brewer. This is indeed a fitting memorial to this wonderful lady. The donations in her memory should be mailed to me at 100 Pine Street in Waldoboro, 04572.)  The Committee thanks you for your longstanding support and appeals for your support this year. Please help the young folk!

Ron Dolloff, President
Board of Trustees
May 152012

Words from Walter...

If you haven’t visited the National Grange Website, you should! The site is definitely a work in progress, but already has much to recommend it. The “public” side is what you see first. But look along the menu choices in the red line. Near the right side you’ll see “members.” Click that and start exploring!

But wait! You will need to “register” – a relatively straightforward and painless process. You will need the annual word as a password to access the members side – how appropriate is that!

You’ll definitely want to look at the “Downloadable Files” section! Here you’ll find a good selection of resources ranging from the 2012 Digest of Laws (refer to it often and eliminate controversy!) to forms and some great publicity aids including things link a full color brochure of our Declaration of Purpose.

You don’t have to be your grange’s publicity director or webmaster to benefit by downloading the Grange Communications Handbook and Workbook. This may well be one of the best tools created in some time. The Handbook itself runs about 80 pages, the appendices are separate and the workbook is yet another document. Just to give you a sense of how thorough this is Appendix C includes a short guide to AP Style. If those who submit to our Maine State Grange site would become familiar with this, not only would your events be better listed, my life would become a lot simpler!

Please consider curling up with this book. Admittedly, not every section will apply to everyone, but there’s a lot to learn here. We do need to make certain our organization’s image is positive and professional. These tools will help—guaranteed!

One of the great potentials of any well-designed website is that it can create order and structure as well as being a “one-stop shopping” source of information. The National Website has added a section on the TeamSpeak Program that includes recordings of previous programs. I’m planning to listen to “Grange Growth: How Our Founders Did It” soon!

The site has a social media component that allows you to connect with other Grangers around the nation. Information will appear in a sidebar to the left, but you’ll also want Continue reading »

May 132012
by Laurie McBurnie
email: laurie_mattidewaterdotnet  (laurie_mattidewaterdotnet)  
phone: 563-5347

The Maine State Junior Grange met on May 5. This was a first time experience for many who were there and all did a great job. Many thanks to all the subordinate members who assisted.

The State Junior and Youth Departments’ Yard Sale will take place Saturday, June 23, from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. at Headquarters. Contributions of good quality items are welcome as well as baked products as there will be a food sales table. Items can be dropped off at State Headquarters (please call first to make sure someone will be there) or given to the State committee members. There are still some table rentals available – contact Laurie McBurnie.

Registration forms for Junior Grange Camp 2012, July 7-8 at South Sangerville Grange have been sent out. Any youngster aged 5-14 is eligible to join us for this fun weekend.

Junior contests – entries will be judged July 21 at the Family Campout Weekend. Please see the Junior program book for contests and rules.



May 132012

Craft time - Zoe, Emily, Jillian, Shyanne, Judy

The Maine State Junior Grange met on May 5 at State Headquarters. Preceding the meeting the young Grangers worked on a craft project directed by Judy Meserve. Most of the youngsters had not participated in a Junior Grange meeting before and appreciated the assistance given by subordinate members, in both filling chairs and guidance on the floor work. The Lecturer’s program consisted of several team games and all participants received a Junior Grange pencil and notepad as a prize.

Following the meeting Betty and Darrell Huff served lunch, provided by Oak Hill Grange. The next meeting of the Maine State Junior Grange will take place during Junior Camp, July 7 & 8 at So. Sangerville Grange.


(front) Overseer Emily Dill, Asst. Steward Zoe Dill, Lady Asst. Steward Shyanne Vincent, Ceres Jillian Dill; (back) Gatekeeper Gary Faulkner, Steward Bobby Faulkner

May 132012
Ed Luttrell answers an individual question

“You can’t have a grange meeting without food,” according to National Grange Master Ed Luttrell. “And I have brought food for thought.”  Brother Luttrell introduced his informal and informational meeting with Maine Grangers in the Bangor area with the observation that the recently adopted theme “America Values – Hometown Roots” will be our theme for “many years to come”  because it “captures the meaning of our organization.” This was the second meeting of his weekend visit to Maine.

Luttrell noted that the minimum requirements for a grange meeting are “seven people, an American Flag, and a Bible—how American is that?” He also reminded members that the grange lives in towns—not Augusta or Washington D.C.

Luttrell came to Maine to deliver a positive message around the financial condition of the National Grange, trademark protection and to share some thoughts regarding growth and public awareness. Noting that the Grange changed the face of America, Luttrell also pointed out that while agriculture is a very different topic that it was even forty years ago it remains a focus of the Grange. Studies have shown that words associated with the Grange include family, community, agriculture, and history.

Encouraging members to “look at the positives,” Luttrell reported that Maine is the seventh largest grange state in the country with 146 community granges and nearly 5,000 members. He also pointed out that 35 of those granges experienced net gains in membership last year. “You want to remember that everybody who says ‘no’ to an invitation to join the grange has at least become aware of our organization. We believe statistically one out of four people will say ‘yes,’ so getting those refusals moves you closer to gaining a member.”

State Overseer Vicki Huff Promotes National Conference 2013 in N.H.

Emphasizing technology and social media, Luttrell pointed out that the National Grange Website is undergoing a major renovation that will include free web pages of individual granges. The member’s only side of the site is now active and includes a social media section—all members are invited to join in by using the annual password!

Brother Luttrell also highlighted plans for the 150th Birthday of the Grange in 2017 and a calendar of events that begins unfolding next year when the original four degrees (there were actually eight) will be conducted as a public event on July 13, 2013 at the Kelley Farm.  He also mentioned the Quilt Block Contest and indicated that one challenge they are facing is “finding a conference location large enough to display all the quilts we hope to end up with…”

In his closing remarks, Luttrell asked those present to consider, “How many of you have seen rats swimming out to reach a sinking ship? We need to keep finding the positives and create a positive image for our organization.” Members present found our National Leader’s enthusiasm contagious and left inspired to meet his challenges.