Jan 292012

Enterprise Grange #48 in Richmond has a member who lives at Southern Acres in Westfield. We can’t get up there to see her and are wondering if someone from that area could drop in and see how she is doing. We send Christmas Cards and Valentines, but never get any response.  If you are able to help, please contact me, Marilyn Stinson, to get her name.  I’m 70 years old and she is the mother of a classmate of mine so she must be in her 90’s.  She may not even remember that she belongs to Grange.  Thanks, Marilyn Stinson, 71 Beedle Road, Richmond, 04357, 737-2611 or beedlehillatroadrunnerdotcom  (beedlehillatroadrunnerdotcom)  

Jan 252012

Taken from the recent Lecturer’s Newsletter…

I am making some changes to the dates and contests for my department and want you to be aware of them. Please be sure to pass the changes along to your members.

No Lect. contests Talent, Skit or Stories on April 21, moved to Sept. 15

NOTE: You should check with the Junior and Youth Directors about other contests, manual alphabet, sign-a-song, public speaking, etc., listed for April 21.

SKIT WRITING CONTEST Deadline: March 31 sent/e-mailed/faxed to me at my home address above. Open to All Subordinate members.

Categories: Original and Not Original / Internet. Profanity or inappropriate items will not be accepted. Length of play or skit must not exceed 10 minutes.

LABEL: AT THE TOP OF EACH SKIT. Include all the following information:


NOTE: All non-original material must have an author’s name on the item and must be checked & have copyright information!!

<> <> <> <>


Deadline: March 31 sent/e-mailed/faxed to my home address above.

Open to All Subordinate members. Categories: Fact and/or Fiction (Original stories only) Profanity or inappropriate items will not be accepted. Length of story must not exceed 10 minutes — 500 word maximum. Enter as many stories as you wish.


Judging of skits & stories will be done in April and winners announced.

If you wish to perform your Skits and Stories this will be done at the Lecturers Conference held in Sept., in Augusta. Let me know so I can plan.

(This is a change from the original program books sent out and previous years.)

<> <> <> <>

GRANGE TALENT CONTEST. Date has been changed. Judging September 15 at 10:00 a.m. in Augusta at the Lecturers Conference. Open to all Members and( Junior members 5–9, 10–14 judged separately). You may enter Vocal; Instrumental or Variety Act. Six (6) minutes maximum. You may enter once under each different category, but as all categories are judged with one winner as best of show act, you may receive only one award. Please let me know in advance if you wish to enter so I can plan.

<> <> <> <>


Information is available from National Grange, our publicity director and on the Web for “Grange Month”. If you are making presentations using the “National Grange Community Citizen Award” or “Pomona Award for Public Service” you MUST order them early from National 1-888-447-2643 not me. I only have plain certificates for purchase, not the special plaques or awards.

<> <> <> <>

ART CONTEST: Rule changes: All Art entries must have frames or matting, with a hanger. (No glass on any entry.) Maximum size including frame or matting has been changed to: 18” X 24”. All other rules are the same.

PHOTO CONTEST: Rule change: “OTHER” category added to make a total of six (6) categories. All other rules are the same. No frames on photos but each must have a backing or matting. Size maximum 11” X 14” with backing.

Jan 252012

Submitted by Ann Burns 

Wow! That's a pile!

Forty seven fleece blankets and quilts have been completed by Maple Grove Grange #148 “Knit Wits” and friends. Most of them were completed at Project Linus workdays. A few were donated for us to distribute by Sebago quilt makers.Thirty of them were taken to the Center for Grieving Children in Portland for their annual year end presentation. The remaining seventeen were delivered to the Cumberland County Chapter of the Nattional Project Linus Program. These were a part of the 1,434 blankets distributed throughout Cumberland County in 2011. The photo shows a Center for Grieving Children staff worker accepting two of the quilts from Maple Grove Grange member Ann Burns and volunteer Lin Greene of Sebago. Center for Grieving Children staff worker accepts two of the quilts from Maple Grove Grange member Ann Burns and volunteer Lin Greene of Sebago. Center for Grieving Children staff worker accepts two of the quilts from Maple Grove Grange member Ann Burns and volunteer Lin Greene of Sebago.

Center for Grieving Children staff worker accepts two of the quilts from Maple Grove Grange member Ann Burns and volunteer Lin Greene of Sebago

Jan 242012

The Membership Committee will be meeting at 1:00 PM on Sunday, February 19th at State Headquarters to discuss areas of importance that need attention and how to increase our membership. Members who are interested in “growing the grange” are welcome to come and share or send your ideas to any member of the Membership Committee. We need to hear from you..every one of you because we are a team, a family, and we care about our organization. For additional information, contact co-director Rick Grotton.

Jan 232012

Reprinted from the Bulletin

Chaplains Corner Clyde G. Berry, State Chaplain

Love one another, February 14th is fast approaching, the time to remember the ones you love. Isn’t it strange how we take people for granted and forget the simple I love you. I hope that along with that box of candy and a card you will remember those simple words.

I am starting a short series of Bible verses in the Grange manual. Did you realize that some reference of the Bible is made over 50 times throughout the Grange manual. The first is in the Opening Ceremony the Chaplains prayer states “Well done good and faithful servant” that is taken from Matthew 25:21 “The Lord said unto him, Well done thou good and faithful servant, thou has been faithful over a few things I will make you ruler over many things, enter thou into the joy of the Lord.” This is taken from the Parable of the Three Servants. This is a something to think about during the next month. Be thankful for what the Lord has given us and make it grow a hundred fold.

Peace and joy, may you have a month filled with love not just one day.


Jan 232012

Reprinted from the Bulletin

Patrick J. Brewer, State Master, 207-623-3421
Email: href="rightgrangeratmyfairpointdotnet">rightgrangeratmyfairpointdotnet    Cell #207-458-9234 

Warm Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the Maine State Grange.  The Committees are all chosen and ready to take on the activities to help promote our organization.  Our newly appointed Agricultural Directors, Robert and Agnes Nelson, graciously accepted the position.  They organized the assignment of Committee members, to help at the Agricultural Trade Show at the Augusta Civic Center this month.  They did this on somewhat short notice and I am proud to have them as our Ag Directors.  This is their first year as Directors, so please give them a warm welcome and a chance to help promote agriculture in our Granges’.

As you may be aware, we also have new Youth Directors.  They have their first column listed below.  Give them a warm welcome as well.  They are both experienced Grangers with a lot of good ideas to help keep us all feeling youthful.

Also on the topic of changes, I would like to see more Resolutions at State Session.  I am asking all State Committees to try and come up with at least (1) resolution related to their committee.  Any questions on what I mean by this, don’t hesitate to call my number at the top of this bulletin or email at the address next to my phone number.  As for Granges in our state, we need to concentrate more on resolutions concerning our communities, state, health, or some other topic of importance, and less on changing some Grange policy.  Let us remember that our resolutions should be to help better our fellow neighbors, communities, state and nation.  Not for some convenient way to run a Grange meeting.

I look forward to seeing the Grange members in the coming months to help keep this Grange Organization spirit alive. As it is Valentines Day this month, love the Grange as you love your valentine.

Jan 222012

Reprinted from the Bulletin…

This is the time of year when many Granges take vacations or meeting in homes. If your Grange is not meeting during the Winter do you still have Grange on your mind? This is a good time to communicate with fellow members to focus on ideas to strengthen your Grange. Membership should be one of those topics.

The State Membership Committee will be meeting at 1pm on February 19 at Headquarters to discuss areas of importance that need attention. All ideas are certainly welcome. We need to hear from you..every one of you because we are a team, a family, and we care about our organization.

Write down ideas and goals for your Grange. What do you feel your Grange should be doing? Share those idea with others; communication is the key! Talk to friends and neighbors as well as family who do not belong. Tell them why you joined, what your Grange does for the community and what projects are necessary to help your community. When you meet in the Spring there should be fresh ideas brought forward. Keep the Grange spirit alive!

Do not be afraid to ask for help from other Granges, non-members and your town or other organizations especially if you want to do fund raisers for your Grange or the community. There are still too many people out there that either do not know Granges exist or that it is a dying organization. It is up to all of you to spread the word. COMMUNICATE!!! You will be surprised on the number of volunteers you can get to help do projects too big for your membership. These volunteers will be potential members. Have fun, but the biggest thing to consider is to be positive in your thinking. Too much energy is wasted on negativity which certain does not help you Grange. Believe, have faith, focus on growth. Follow that path and growth will happen but stay on that path. You are not alone; we all need to work together to keep our organization strong! Get that pencil and paper and start now! Have fun and be creative!!!!

The State Committee will be planning a membership conference for this Spring or Summer which will be beneficial for the future of our organization. Our National Membership Director will be invited. All who can attend should do so as this will be very important for every Grange! New ideas will be presented and valuable information will be given. Details will be forthcoming. All Granges should be represented as we all have membership issues on our minds. This will be a good time to share your ideas. Let us all work together and not against each other with negative thoughts and thoughts of despair. Grange is growing across the country again and now is the time to ride that wave in our state. Come on board, get enthusiastic and watch our granges grow!


Rick Grotton , Co-Membership Committee Director


Jan 222012

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you so much for joining Valley Grange’s effort to “support our troops” with donations of linens for the last troop to leave Iraq, now enroute to Germany by way of Afghanistan. We are pleased and excited that you learned about the project through our website… and want you to know that your generous donations were received and are now being repackaged with the items we collected at our last meeting. We’ll be shipping everything to Germany early next week.

For your support and this wonderful example of Grange Spirit, thank you.

Mary Annis, Secretary and Community Service Chair

Valley Grange #144, Guilford

Jan 222012

From the January 2012 Bulletin…

Laurie McBurnie, laurie_mattidewaterdotnet  (laurie_mattidewaterdotnet)  , 563-5347

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Northeast Region Leaders Conference and meet with the other state Junior Directors. We were able to share program ideas and plan for the Junior Craft Contest/Exhibition for the 2012 Big “E”.

Do your subordinate grange members have children or grandchildren who are potential members of the Maine State Junior Grange (ages 5-14)? This option provides the youngsters a way to participate in the state and national Junior Grange programs without requiring the subordinate grange to organize a local Jr. Grange. The subordinate grange would be able to provide resources and assistance to the children who, in turn, would share their projects and perhaps help out with a joint venture.