Oct 302011
Words from Walter…

I’ve started updating the Officer’s Page… it is definitely a work in progress. By way of explanation, I used the elected officer list released by Steve Haycock from State Conference and last year’s roster to find email addresses and phone numbers. As such, I can’t guarantee 100% accuracy.

I’ve also started a list of directors on the same page. I haven’t gotten too far in part because I ran out of time and in part because I’m not certain (and don’t want to make too many assumptions) who our directors are for this year. If you are one, please zip me a quick email   (webmasteratmainestategrangedotorg)  and let me know–include your current contact information.
Note that last year’s directors are included as contacts in this year’s program book–which you can readily download from this site.
I think you’ll agree there are a number of changes in both officers and directors this year–and it will take a while for things to get organized and settled. This is also a busy time of year for all of us… no doubt our newly elected Worthy Master has plenty to occupy him–including getting ready for National Conference. Let’s all work together to get information organized and communication working well.
By the way… thanks to those responsible for Farmers’ Markets listing for your quick replies and help–I believe every market listing has been updated with current information.
Oct 292011

Penquis Volunteers serve up the goods.

Over 100 people came from surrounding communities to enjoy the Fall Harvest Supper sponsored by Penquis and Valley Grange on October 22. In addition to enjoying good food and fellowship, volunteers and supporters raised over $700 to help Piscataquis Santa “make his rounds” this Christmas.

The Piscataquis Santa Project serves needy children, 16 years old or younger who reside within the communities of Abbot, Cambridge, Guilford, Parkman, Sangerville, Wellington, Willimantic, Exeter, Garland, Harmony, Ripley, Bowerbank, Charleston, Dover-Foxcroft, Monson, Sebec, Beaver Cove, Greenville, Kingsbury Plantation, Shirley, or any other community served by MSAD #4, MSAD #46*, or MSAD #68.

Chief planner and cook Sheree Brown enjoyed the community’s support, noting that donations came from as far away as Hermon, Saint Albans, and Bingham. “We called on farmers and gardeners to help with local produce and we weren’t disappointed.” Donations of food and supplies were made by Fred and Karen Cookson, Denise Trafton, Debbie Somers, Norman Clough, Penquis, Avalon Acres, and Rollins Orchards. Valley Grange and other community cooks provided an abundance of home-baked pies and, as one diner said, “If you go home hungry from this meal, it’s your own fault.”

"How I love ya my dear baked hammy!"

This was the second collaboration between Penquis and Valley Grange. An August Dinner benefited the Smart Starts for Students Program. “We’re really having fun with these,” noted grange program director Walter Boomsma. “And we feel like we’re modeling the sort of cooperation and collaboration between organizations that makes big accomplishments possible.”

Boomsma also noted that “energy creates energy” and even more collaborative events are being added to the Valley Grange schedule. “Next up we’ll be hosting a Breakfast with Santa on Saturday, December 3rd to benefit the Penquis Journey House in Dexter. (The Journey House is a transitional housing program available to pregnant young women ages 16-21 who are experiencing homelessness or have an unsafe living situation… providing nurturing support toward self sufficiency.)

 “Folks can check the Valley Grange website for more information on all our events,” he added. “And if you’ve got an idea or some energy and a few minutes, we’re always looking for help. One of the things that made this dinner so successful was the amount of support that came from far and wide. Maybe we are redefining community. It sure is rewarding to see people reaching out to help others.”

Information regarding Penquis Programs can be found at http://www.penquis.org. Valley Grange information and events are listed at http://valleygrange.wordpress.com.

Oct 282011

This will be a bit of an experiment… I’m going to attempt a “potpourri post” of news and needs that will not appear on the site, but will go out to all those who are subscribed to the website.

Information Needed!

Directors and officers, PLEASE send whatever information you can regarding your programs and activities for the coming year. Questions are starting to come in through the site… many of these questions are not answered in the program book and, in some cases, I’m not sure where to address them.  While I generally enjoy a challenge this can become time-consuming.

National Grange Store Closed Temporarily

I learned this while researching a question… I didn’t see an explanation, but the online National Grange Store is closed from October 26 through November 15. 

Where do I get Demit Forms?

See the page “secretary stuff” for a discussion of this… I’m pleased to announce we’ve succeeded in an answer and I’ll be uploading a demit form secretaries can print out themselves. I hope to have it up later today or at the latest over the weekend. Lots of hugs to Laurie McBurnie for once again supplying a resource! The copy she has provided came from National Grange a few years ago and should still work.

Submitting Reminder

Just a reminder and plea for help… the preferred method for submitting information to the site is in the body of an email. Attachments slow down the process and, in some cases, make it impossible if I can’t open the attachment. With photos, it’s the opposite–please attach photos, do not insert them into the email.  I’m asking for your attention and help because there’s only one of me and lots of you… it’s great that there are more and more of you, but there’s still only one of me!

Craft Fair Reminder

Just a reminder that Rosier Rainbow Grange is holding a craft fair on Sat Nov 5th from 9AM-1PM. We still have some 8ft tables and a few 4 foot tables available to rent. The kitchen will be open with breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages available for purchase. To rent a table call Janice Cross at 326-4579 or email rosierrainbowatyahoodotcom  (rosierrainbowatyahoodotcom)   for more information. https://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=hp#!/pages/Rosier-Rainbow-Grange/118032764946794

 Thought for the day… from Thomas Edison!

Being busy does not always mean real work. The object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, and honest purpose, as well as perspiration. Seeming to do is not doing.

Oct 262011

At the Friday night session of the Maine State Grange, Danville Junction Grange #65 was named as “Subordinate Grange of the Year” for 2011 by the Former Officers of the Maine State Grange. Glenys Ryder, Lecturer and Membership Chairman of Danville Junction Grange was presented with the plaque by President of the Former Officers of the Maine State Grange Wayne Sherman.

Oct 252011

The Farmington Farmer’s Market will once again run every Saturday morning (beginning November 5) from 9 – noon at the Farmington Grange Hall located on Bridge Street in West Farmington.  Lots of veggies, baked goods, local meats, bee products, jams and more! FMI call 779-4858


Oct 252011

Submitted by Larry of Port Clyde

We had a wonderful and successful Harvest Dance last Friday. We were able to net about $700 for the Fuel Fund, but just as important, we re-started the community dances at the Grange after many decades. All who attended seemed to really enjoy themselves and danced the night away. The photos show the pre-dance Grange setup.

I want to thank all who came to the dance to support the Grange and the Fuel Fund but especially those who worked so hard to make it happen. Sister Marianne Swittlinger deserves special recognition because she was the one who started the program and saw it through. Gillie Sloat, Bill Swittlinger, Gena Neilson, Peg Fields, Diane Bailey and Dolly McReynolds were all very much involved in making the dance a success. If I have left some one out, I apologize.

Some FOG’s (Friends Of the Grange) were invaluable. Peter Russell provided all of the music and did a super job of getting us on the floor to shake some booty. Rob Sloat, popcorn master, always lends a hand when needed and this was no exception. Thanks to Jane Hall for loaning the helium tank to us. Harborside Market and the Port Clyde General Store were very generous in donating hot dogs for the event.

Again, all of us thank those who made it to the dance and/or donated to the cause. We are already planning a spring dance.

Oct 242011

Submitted by Steven Haycock, Publicity Director

Photos contributed by Laurie McBurnie

Pat & Kathy Brewer

Skowhegan, Maine – On the second day of the 138th Annual session of the Maine State Grange Patrick Brewer of Menahga Grange #555 was elected Master(President) of the Maine State Grange, he replaces James Owens who has served as Master for the past four years. Mr. Brewer lives in Jefferson with his wife Kathy they will both represent Maine at the 145th Annual Convention of the National Grange in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The over 150 delegates also elected the following slate of officers:

Overseer(Vice-President): Victoria Huff* of Hollis Grange #132

Lecturer – Sherry Harriman of Bauneg Bay Grange #382

Steward – Richard Harriman Jr. of Bauneg Bay Grange #382

Assistant Steward – Clayton Collins of Cape Elizabeth Grange #242

Lady Assistant Steward – Elmira Collins of Cape Elizabeth Grange #242

Chaplain – Clyde Berry of Menahga Grange #555

Treasurer – James Owens of Bingham Grange #237

Secretary – Sharon Manley of Willow Grange #366

Gatekeeper – Terry Spencer of Skowhegan Grange #208

Ceres – Harriet Spencer of Skowhegan Grange #208

Pomona – Debra Ivers of Highland Lake Grange #87

Flora – Kathy Brewer of Menahga Grange #555

Executive Committee — Jim Meserve of Chelsea Grange #215

*Ms. Huff is the first women in the 137 year history of the Maine State Grange to be elected Overseer.

Maine State Grange Officers 2011-2012

Master Brewer reappointed Ronald Dolloff of Menahga Grange #555 Musician of the Maine State Grange, Mr. Brewer will have a lot other appoints to fill consisting of Deputies, Program Directors, and Committee Members.

On Friday evening Jimmy Gentry, Overseer of the National Grange and Master of the North Carolina State Grange addressed those in attendance after he spoke the officers of the Maine State Grange conferred the Degree of Flora (6th Degree) on 41 candidates this is thirty two more then in 2010.

Saturday morning found Youth & Junior Director Susan Hackett presenting many awards, she presented Steven Haycock with a check to cover his plane fare to the National Grange Convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mr. Haycock won 1st Place and Best of Show for his speech “An Adventure in Retail” at the regional contest in July.

Also on Saturday Ronald Dolloff, President of the Educational Aid Fund, of the Maine State Grange presented thirteen $600.00 scholarships and two $600.00 Howe’s Nurses Scholarships to the grateful recipients.

Outgoing Master James Owens shares podium with Master-elect Patrick Brewer

The session ended with immediate past master James Owens installed the new slate of officers. Next years 139th Session of the Maine State Grange will be held in Rockland from October 24 to 27, 2012.

Oct 242011

Please note that the Ohio Street Farmers’ Market will close for the season on Wednesday, October 26, 2011. Thanks to Rolf Staples for the update.

The following markets are listed — this would be a good time to confirm or update your listing!

The Canaan Farmers’ Market is now open every Monday from 3pm to 6pm. It is held at the Canaan Grange Hall on Main Street, Canaan. Open until October 24, 2011. For more informaton: Scott Price at 399-8454.

The Farmington Farmers’ Market opened November 6 last year (2010)… we need details for this year including times. 

The MidCoast Winter Farmers Market also opened Nov 6 last year (2010)… we need details for this year including times.