Jun 272011

Submitted by David & Jeanne Burnham, Agriculture Directors, 839-4300

The Ag Committee has picked the three scholarships for our committee year 2011. We have raffle tickets for sale also on several items. If your Grange would like some get in touch with a committee member. They are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. If you have a family in your Grange involved in agriculture, please ask them to fill out an application to receive this award picked by the committee for 2011. Ask a member of the committee in your area when you have your Ag program. They might be willing to be your guests. Fairs will start soon so please enter your Grange in the fair. It is a way to generate money for you. Maine Farm Days, August 24 & 25 at Misty Meadow Farm in Clinton.

Jun 272011

Submitted by Sue Hackett, Youth & Junior Director, 207-666-8849, shackett245ataoldotcom

It’s time to get your applications in for Youth and Junior Camp. Let’s have record numbers attending. Youth camp will be August 5 to 7, for ages 14 to 18, at a cost of $40.00. We will start at 1:00 pm Friday afternoon and finish at approximately 6:00 pm Sunday evening. During our time together we will attend and participate in Grange meetings, work on the Francis McDowell Grange and Current Events Trivia Challenge, participate in outdoor activities and go on field trips.

Junior camp will be August 14 to 19, for ages 9 to 14, at a cost of $75.00. Campers do not have to be junior grange members as we will do the degree at camp. We will start at 2:00 pm Sunday afternoon and finish at approximately 8:00 pm on Friday evening, after the model meeting. During our time together we will work on the Super Junior Grange Award, memorize the Junior Degree and opening and closing, participate in outdoor activities and go on field trips.

Please return camp applications and payment (or explanation of who is paying) to Sue Hackett, 441 River Road, Bowdoinham, Me 04008 by the deadline date of July 30th for Youth and August 10th for the Juniors. These deadlines need to be met so we can plan meals, transportation and craft materials.

Jun 262011

WM Jim Owens

Brothers and Sisters, a reminder of the Grange Family Campout from July 22nd to 24th at Silver Springs Campground in Saco.

Many Granges are continuing to do degrees and taking in members. Congratulations to each of these Granges. Now let us involve our new members and make them feel part of our Grange family.

Granges across the state are preparing for the installation of new officers. I hope that many officers and committees have changed positions so as to create increased interest. I also hope that more members are learning the installation ceremony. It can be a lot of fun working on an installation team.

I am pleased to announce that National Grange Overseer Jimmy Gentry and his wife Anita, from North Carolina, will be our guests when the Maine State Grange meets in Skowhegan from October 19th through the 22nd.

Jun 262011

Submitted by Janice Cross

Rosier Rainbow Grange #203 in Brooksville has had a busy month. We are in the process of constructing a memorial garden to remember the members we have lots. This is being made possible with a generous grant from the Brooklin Garden Club and donations from area businesses, including Lowe’s and the town road commisioner Mark Blake–not to mention the hard work of our grange members.

We held the election of officers last week and have now laced up our running shoes because of the busy summer schedule we have. We held our first public supper in 4 years tonight and it was a huge success!!! We are holding our first public breakfast on the 4th of July. July 23rd we will be having a BBQ supper, also we are waiting to get confirmation for a performance by the local steel pan band. August 13th will be an auction of goods and services donated by area businesses, August 20th is a pasta supper, September 10th is a ham dinner. October 1st we will be having a craft fair, just $20 to rent a table for the day. October 8th is our Harvest Supper. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is our annual pie and roll sale. If our 4th of July breakfast is a success we hope to do another one in August and at least one Hunter’s Breakfast. We are also busy designing our float for the Harborside 4th of July parade and our exhibit for the Blue Hill Fair.

Jun 232011

School’s out, but Valley Grange isn’t taking a vacation. At our last meeting we again officially “adopted” the Smart Starts for Students program. The program is geared to help families and kids get ready for school by providing basic school supplies for next year. The program is administered by Penquis and covers MSAD 4, 41, 46, 68 and School Union 60—last year some 428 kids from over 200 families were helped.

We’ll have a collection box at all of our events during the summer. We’re looking for basic things: pencils, erasers, highlighters, gluesticks, filler paper, etc. A complete list of items needed is available on the Penquis Website. Penquis volunteers create backpacks and sort things out, filling in the missing items with purchases made possible by cash contributions. So if you are coming to a Valley Grange event, bring something for the kids!

Another program that helps kids get a smart start is our Bookworm Reader Program. At least a couple times a week throughout the school year, Grange Readers visit Piscatquis Community Elementary School to listen in kids read, one on one. One of the cool things we get from this is a booklet of thank you notes and drawings at the end of the year. We especially enjoyed one second grader’s depiction of all of us.

This young artist also wrote, “Dear Bookworm Readers… Thank you for listening to us read. We always looked forward to your visits. Next year I hope you see me. I will miss you this summer!”

Another young scholar wrote, “Thank you for listening to us read. I can’t wait to read to you next year. I wish that you could listen to us every day, even when we’re at summer time. We really appreciate you listening to us read every day. We always looked forward to your visits.”

It’s easy to believe that we are helping these kids start smart. And it’s easy to believe there’s hope when we hear their enthusiasm. These second graders are looking forward to next year not only because they know we’ll be back to read with them, but they also know they will get a field trip to the Grange Hall to receive their very own dictionary.

They think that’s pretty awesome and so do we.

If your Grange is interested in hearing kids laugh, read, and appreciate the interest of an adult, contact Walter Boomsma  (grangeatboomsmaonlinedotcom)   for some ideas and help on how to get started. It’s easier than you think and it’s better than you can imagine.

“Thank you for helping us to read good. You are one of the best people I know. Thank you for listening to 2nd and 3rd grade. You’re fantastic good friends.”

(Additional thank you notes, pictures and information are available on the Valley Grange Website.)

Jun 172011

Packed and Ready!

Submitted by Valley Grange

Grange Member Vic Morin and his friend Blaine Burhoe completed a cross country bicycle tour in 2004 and vowed to do something similar every couple of years. Unfortunately Vic and his wife lost a son to suicide the following year—a tragedy that was to change their lives in many ways and put those rides on hold.  The loss started Vic and Cheryl on another path that resulted in the formation of the JD Foundation which is dedicated to suicide awareness and prevention.

Vic and Blaine still love to ride and they are now starting a ride across the state of Maine to help raise funds and bring attention to the need to prevent suicide through training and awareness. They will follow a north south path that runs along Route 1 and hope to cover 40-60 miles per day, connecting with people along the way. They start in Van Buren on Monday and plan to arrive in Kittery on Saturday, July 2. You can find their itinerary and follow their progress on Facebook.

Valley Grangers are proud of fellow members Vic and Cheryl we admire their compassion and dedication. We’re hoping brother and sister Grangers across the state will help show their support for this ride. While the primary goal is to create awareness, they are also raising funds so donations are welcome. In addition, they are looking for places to stay (and an occasional shower) along the way. If your Grange is located near the route, why not make their passage something of a Grange event?! Don’t forget to invite the local media!  If you’d like to help in some way, you can email Cheryl at thejdfoundationatyahoodotcom  (thejdfoundationatyahoodotcom)   or visit the Facebook page.

Vic said they were hoping to find somebody with an ice cream truck to accompany them because “Blaine pedals a lot faster if there’s ice cream in his future.” They are also carrying squares of cloth bearing the names of suicide victims. After the ride, the squares will be made into a quilt that will be displayed at future JD Foundation events—including their HUGE annual yard sale scheduled for July 22 – 24 in beautiful downtown Abbot Maine.

Jun 172011

Summer is just about here and the Maine State Grange has all kinds of fun activities happening for everyone to take part in.

Before I get into all of the fun you can have lets do some business first, as of yesterday June 15 they’re only THREE MONTHS left to get your RESOLUTIONS in to State Grange by September 15. Resolutions are at the heart of grassroots organization, without them we don’t give the Maine State Grange or the National Grange any directions on which policy’s we want them to pursue. It’s also important form a publicity stand point adopted resolutions make for great press releases.

 Now on to the fun:

YARD SALE & BAKE SALE – June 24, 11-6 & June 25, 8-1 at State Grange Headquarters. Please if you have good stuff to donate we will be happy to accept it. (NO exercise equipment, except small items – jump ropes, hand bar bells, etc.) Drop things off at headquarters if you are there, for pick up call Sue at 666-8849 or email at shackett245ataoldotcom.

June 26, 2011 3:00 PM New England Grange Go-To-Church Service in Chester, Vermont for lots more information visit the State Grange web site www.mainestategrange.org

July 1, Poetry Contest entries must be received at State Lecturer’s home address.

July 8 to 10 is the Northeastern Regional Youth Conference in Brunswick Maine at Bowdoin College. Bowdoin is an extremely nice college with lots of shade trees and on flat ground. It is within walking distance of downtown Brunswick which has an ice cream shop and grassy mall with a gazebo! As Maine is hosting we will require a multitude of assistance. Whether you are on the youth or junior committees or not we can use your help, if you can help please call Sue at 666-8849 or email at shackett245ataoldotcom. I especially can use judges for the Public Speaking contest, Sign-A-Song, Finger Spelling, and Drill Competition, anyone who is an expert please give me a call!!!

July 10th deadline, North East Lecturers Conference Registrations are due. Forms received after this date will be returned! Send conference money and completed form with full payment to name and address on form. Send registration card and $10 to my home address. I will send back a confirmation letter with more information. Rehearsal July 17.

July 17, Rehearsal for NE Lecturers’ Conference–2 PM, State Headquarters

July 22 to 24 Family Camp Out Weekend at Silver Springs Campground and Cottages on Route 1 in Saco If you want to rent a site you can call the campground at 283-3880 or email them at silver-springsatearthlinkdotnet. They will judge the Junior and Youth(& Senior Youth) crafts, have a Chinese auction, a variety show, a horseshow tournament and more. This year the Youth crafts are soap carving and t-shirt decorations, complete rules on the State Grange web site www.mainestategrange.org

August 1-4. NE Lecturers’ Conference at Bridgewater State College in Massachusetts… “Season it!” For more information contact Maine State Grange Lecturer Sherry Harriman at sherryhatgwidotnet. You can also download the forms from the Mass. State Grange web site www.massgrange.org (It should be a great time, after all I’m going)

August 5 to 7 Youth Camp will be held at State Grange Headquarters. Cost is $40.00. Call or email Sue shackett245ataoldotcom for an application, there is financial help available if needed.

August 14 to 19 Junior camp will be held at State Grange Headquarters. We will go on field trips as we did in the past. Cost is $75.00 per camper, help is available if needed. Applications are available from your leader or from Sue. You don’t have to be a Junior member to come to camp, we will do the degree at camp. Call or email Sue shackett245ataoldotcom for an application

That’s about all of the Summer events hope to see you many times over the summer.


Steven Haycock,

Publicity Director

Jun 162011

Parkman Grange continues to be busy, busy, busy! One of their long term projects is publishing a cookbook… and they could use some help with recipes. They especially need recipes for appetizers, soups & salads, vegetable & side dishes, jams, jellies & Pickles but will accept any recipe that folks are willing to share. Please send your contribution to Trisha Elderkin, 18 Bailey Road, Parkman ME 04443 or to her email which is baileyconstructionattdsdotnet  (baileyconstructionattdsdotnet)  .

You probably don’t want to start thinking about fall, but Parkman Days will be held on September 24th and crafters and other vendors are being sought! You can afford this one… the cost is only $10 for a 10’ space and $20 for a 20’ space. You can visit the Parkman Grange Facebook page or call Carrie at 343-0706 for more information.

And, since Parkman Grange is truly having something of a fundraising festival… ask about their “Seven Guns in Seven Days” Raffle… There will only be 1000 tickets sold with seven prizes drawn—pretty good odds. (Prizes will be awarded through a licensed dealer with appropriate background checks.) Tickets can be purchased at KC’s Country Store in Parkman, from any Parkman Granger, or call Carrie at 343-0706.

Jun 162011

Submitted by Walter Boomsma

Piscataquis Pomona Grange met Thursday night (June 2nd) at the South Sangerville Grange for their annual election of officers. Not only did we elect officers, we learned several new dance steps thanks to Kayley—who is already lying about her age and she’s only… three? four? She could give a whole new meaning to the term “floor work,” and we think it’s pretty funny that she’s won the 50/50 raffle at two meetings in a row!

The roll of officers for our Pomona will remain pretty much the same except for Ernest Rollins having been elected to the Chaplain’s position and Kevin Annis to the Executive Committee.

We also selected the location for the Annual Pomona Picnic Fun and Fund Raiser. Proving there are very few surprises, the picnic will be at the Boomsma’s again this year…  We’ll gather on Thursday, July 7th… come as early as 5 PM for horseshoes, visiting, feeding mosquitoes, and other activities… the grill will start at 6 PM. This is not limited to Grange Members and is a “kid friendly” event.

Walter and Janice will provide the meat (hotdogs and hamburgers). We always make this a “potluck picnic” so feel free to bring along a salad, snack, etc. We will also have our annual fund raiser auction so bring along an item or two we can auction off. (No children or live animals for the auction, please.)