May 312011

Submitted by Walter Boomsma, Publicity Director-Piscataquis Pomona

Just a quick post to point you to a recent article in the Bangor Daily News that featured Brother Guy and Sister Nancy Ellms from South Sangerville Grange. Just to give you a taste of what you’ll read:

“Guy and Nancy Ellms have been walking hand in hand in Bangor parades since 1997,” said Cole Museum founder Galen Cole.

“Never in my life have I known a couple with the joint enthusiasm and the ‘can-do’ attitude of Guy and Nancy Ellms,” Cole said. “Their life’s story is simply remarkable. In this year’s parade, we can expect fewer than 30 World War II veterans. The Ellmses will be marching alone up front, leading the World War II group and will be available to shake hands both before the parade starts and at the Cole Museum at noontime.”

Many of us around Piscataquis Pomona have had the opportunity to experience Guy’s firm handshake and Nancy’s enchanting smile. They are an amazing couple! Guy’s 92 and Nancy is 85 and they are the last remaining married couple from WWII still marching in the Bangor Parade. One thing that made this year’s march especially meaningful was that Guy had a serious woods accident last fall that left his leg laid open and him laid up for a while. But they joined hands both figuratively and literally, walking up hills in their neighborhood to get in shape.

Certainly these are two people who deserve recognition and appreciation for their service to our country… but also for their indomitable spirit. Would that more Grangers had their energy and determination–even at much younger ages!

They probably won’t see this because they are not “online,” but you can drop them a card or note:

Guy and Nancy Ellms
109 Prospect Street
Dexter ME 04930
May 312011

After 132 years, the Princeton Grange #293 now has an address recognized by the US Postal Service! All mail, forms and directives may now be sent to:

Wayne Seidl, Secretary
Princeton Grange #293
P.O. Box 112
Princeton Maine 04668

We are also using this address for the new Princeton Farmer’s Market Association, (sponsored by Princeton Grange #293) which will begin operations with our soft opening June 16th. This will be an evening farmer’s market, running from 4-7 pm every Thursday evening through the beginning of October. We are excited to have been able to bring this market to fruition, help support the local economy, and raise awareness that our Grange is still here to serve the community. This evening market is a first for Washington County, and is in direct response to requests from customers at other markets bemoaning the fact that they could not attend farmer’s markets “because they are at work”. We are happy to help serve the community by ensuring that all people in the area, working or not, have access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and locally produced crafts.

May 312011

WM Jim Owens

Brothers and Sisters, it’s time to be thinking about making reservations for the Grange campout if you have not already done so. We will be returning to Silver Springs Campground on Route 1 in Saco this year and the dates are July 22, 23, and 24th. The phone number for the campground is 283-3880. If you are unable to stay over, bring a lunch and plan to be with us on Saturday.

The Agriculture Committee has raffle tickets. Items will be drawn off on Sat., Oct. 22nd at State Session in Skowhegan. You can also contact the Agriculture Directors Jeanne and David Burnham at 839-4300 if you need tickets.

Canaan Grange No. 239 will host a degree day on Saturday, July 9th starting at 10:00 A.M. A planned dinner will be served followed by the 3rd and 4th Degrees. For further information on the degrees in Canaan, contact Pam Clark at 474-2360. She is still looking for members to assist with various parts. Piscataquis Pomona will be having a degree day on Saturday, July 16th at Garland Grange No. 76 starting at 3:00 P.M. with a paid bean supper. Contact Bill Bemis at 924-3537 for more information.

The Journal of Proceedings from the prior State Grange session is available from State Grange Headquarters. Call if you would like a copy.

Webmaster’s Note: We are currently working towards making the Journal of Proceedings availabe for download. There are some challenges with formats and file sizes, so please be patient. As Brother Owens notes, for now please call Headquarters if you would like a copy.

May 312011

Submitted to Bulletin by State Lecturer Sherry Harriman

About 30 people were in attendance for our contests in April.  Thank you all for coming.  Each person submitting a story or skit received a free copy of the book.  Books are available for $2.00 each.  Congratulations to our participants and winners.  These contests will continue next year.  With Pen in Hand Story Writing – 2 performed stories 1st – Frank Reynolds, harvest Home, 2nd – Christine Hebert; 6 nonperformed stories 1st – Jeanette Taylor, Deer Isle, 2nd – Cindy Dyer, Harvest Home, 3rd – Robert Cookson, harvest Home; Skit Writing – 2 performed skits (original) 1st – Christine Hebert, Norway, 2nd – Mary Delorenzo, Norway; 1 performed skit (non original) 1st – Glenys Ryder, Danville Jct., 5 non-performed skits 1st – Gareth Anderson, Merriconeag, 2nd – Ceneretta Ward, 3rd – Helen Brooks, HM – Christine Hebert; 21 Non-performed (Non-Original) 1st – Lois Zezima, Dirigo #98, 2nd – Merton Ricker, Topsham, 3rd – Miriam Black, Arbutus.  Our talent participants were unable to attend.

Reminders:  July 1st deadline — Poetry entries are due to my home address. 280 Kennebunk Rd., Sanford, ME  04073.   You must be a Grange Member to enter! Categories are as follows:  1. Nature; 2. Love; 3. Grange; 4. Patriotic; 5. Other.  You must select the category. Label at the top of each poem Name, Address, Grange & #, Title of Poem, and Category.  Age if a Junior Granger.

July 10th deadline, North East Lecturers Conference Registrations are due.  Forms received after this date will be returned!   Send conference money and completed form with full payment to name and address on form.  Send registration card and $10 to my home address.   I will send back a confirmation letter with more information.  Rehearsal July 17.

Maine’s program at NE Lecturers Conference will be Wednesday August 3 at 11:00.

Elections are being held.  If your Lecturer changes to a new person please let me know, Grange Name, Lecturer Name, Address, Phone, and E-mail. 

Sept. 1st Reports for Subordinate and Pomona Lecturers are due to my home address.  The forms will be sent in the July Quarterly Newsletter, mailed to the Lecturer or representative of your Grange if no Lecturer.

September 17th Maine Lecturers Conference in Augusta.  Workshops, New Program Books & Review and Awards at 10:30.  Judging of 2x2x2 Contest. – 10:00 deadline for entries.

May 312011

Submitted by Sue Hackett

Summer is fast approaching and so are events that are held annually in the youth and junior departments. Our Yard & Bake Sale is scheduled for June 24th 11am to 6pm and June 25th 8am to 1pm. We will need lots of help and lots of customers. We have some very nice furniture and merchandise coming in, and we will certainly except more.

July 8 to 10 is the Northeastern Regional Youth Conference in Brunswick Maine at Bowdoin College. Bowdoin is an extremely nice college with lots of shade trees and on flat ground. It is within walking distance of downtown Brunswick which has an ice cream shop and grassy mall with a gazebo! As Maine is hosting we will require a multitude of assistance. Whether you are on the youth or junior committees or not we can use your help, if you can help please call Sue at 666-8849 or email at shackett245ataoldotcom. I especially can use judges for the Public Speaking contest, Sign-A-Song, Finger Spelling, and Drill Competition, anyone who is an expert please give me a call!!!

Juniors, Youth, and Senior youth are you working on your projects for judging at the camp out? It’s coming right up – July 23rd, Saturday of the camp out weekend is judging. The Youth Department will have carnival games on Saturday morning, which will take the place of the organized games, there will be horseshoes on Saturday, a 50/50 and a Chinese Auction. In the evening youth and junior prizes will be awarded for the projects, winners of the 50/50 and Chinese auction will be announced. I’m sure there will be some talent showcased also.

CAMP Youth CAMP Junior CAMP Youth CAMP

Youth Camp will be held on August 5,6, & 7 at State Grange Headquarters. Cost is $40.00. Call or email Sue for an application, there is financial help available if needed.

Junior camp will be held August 14 to 19 at State Grange Headquarters. We will go on field trips as we did in the past. Cost is $75.00 per camper, help is available if needed. Applications are available from your leader or from Sue. You don’t have to be a Junior member to come to camp, we will do the degree at camp.

May 222011

Submitted by Walter Boomsma…

One of the many aspects of the grange we can be proud of is the way we as an organization support our troops and appreciate our veterans. On a personal level, Memorial Day is one of my special holidays… I remember how much it meant to my Dad… and as a little tyke how I got to “help” him with the many tasks that “had to be done.” Several trips to the cemetery were required… flag holders had to be scraped and painted, grass trimmed, flowers planted, flags placed… rifles were taken out of storage and cleaned for the honor guard which of course drilled every night at the ball lot…

Some sixty years later I find that I remember those things but I don’t remember any picnics. I do remember the parade. And I remember the special visit to the cemetery before the parade that was done in hushed tones and long periods of silence while Dad held a long salute at his father’s grave.

All of those rituals have faded, but not the memories of them. A decade later in high school I memorized what was to become one of my favorite poems and I’ve rarely missed buying a poppy every year since. There have been years I’ve actually had to go searching for a place to buy one. (For information about the history of the “buddy poppy” program click here.)

My hope is that everyone has some ritual, no matter how simple, to perform to celebrate the memory and honor of our veterans. Go to a parade–take a kid if you can, visit a cemetery… buy a poppy. Spend some time reflecting.

And don’t forget our “Adopt A Platoon” Program! Supporting our troops today is a great way to honor our veterans! Make this a meaningful Memorial Day.

May 212011


Webmaster’s Note: If your grange is part of (or considering being part of!) the Words for Thirds Dictionary Project, you should be visiting the Dictionary Project website… and subscribing to their newsletter. Here’s an excerpt from the most recent issue regarding fundraising.

Creative Fundraising

Frequently, sponsors express curiosity about how others fund their dictionary projects. Here are a few creative ideas:

  • Adult Spelling Bee (Rotary Club of St. Bernard Parish)
  • Soup Supper and Jamboree (Burns Grange)
  • Cardboard Boat Regatta (Rotary Club of Cape Coral)
  • Rubber Duck Race (Kiwanis Club of Grand Ledge)
  • Chili Cook-Off (Pilot Club of Chatham County)
  • Annual Golf Scramble (Rotary Club of Warrick County)
  • Walkathon (Rotary Club of Port Perry)
  • Bowling for Literacy (Rotary Club of DeLand)
  • Bottle and can recycling efforts (Cayuga Lake Junior Grange of Cayuga, New York)
  • Bake sales, craft fairs, county-fair concessions, bingo nights, used book sales, and ticket raffles are also popular

Do you have fundraising ideas to share? Send them to newsletteratdictionaryprojectdotorg  (newsletteratdictionaryprojectdotor)  .


May 152011

Submitted by State Lecturer Sherry Harriman

The annual Maine / New Hampshire Day was another success. NH hosted us in Gorham this year serving a baked chicken lunch. Thanks to Margaret and Sharon for filling in for me again!!! Dignitaries for both states were introduced. Maine provided the program “Vacation Time Is Coming” including skits, songs, “Guided Tour” quiz and of course some interesting games — roasting marshmallows, collecting “firewood”, swatting bugs and even yard sale items. I’m sorry to say I missed it again because of work but I understand a good time was had by all 63 involved, NH 37 and ME 26. Thanks everyone for coming.

Photos courtesy of NH State Grange Website

May 152011
Winsome Souls Winning Performance

Excelsior Grange #5 in Poland recently held a successful open house that attracted a number of members and guests from the community. Guests enjoyed a great potluck supper with lots of fellowship followed by a diverse program led by Brother Steve Verrill.

Excelsior, like many Granges, is rich in history… and the significance of the #5 lies in the fact that it was the fifth subordinate grange chartered in Maine. There are a number of historical items displayed within the hall. Brother Verrill noted that while the heritage remains, the grange has changed without losing the community focus.
Guest speaker Walter Boomsma from Valley Grange in Guilford built on that theme by explaining how “easy” it was (in a sense)  for Valley to win the National Community Service Award. “All we had to do was keep doing what we are passionate about and enjoy doing,” he said.  He also pointed out that this was one of the big benefits of joining the Grange: “You can pursue your passions.” Noting that “Kids are my thing…” he told several amusing and touching stories about the impact the Grange has had on the local kids and community.
The program was wrapped up by an energetic concert by the Winsome Souls Quartet. The Winsome Souls is a gospel quartet based in midcoast Maine. Many of their songs are written by local people. You can sample some of their music on YouTube and find additional contact information there as well.
May 142011

Submitted by Larry Bailey

We have almost closed out the 2010-2011 heating season and Ocean View has donated over $7,000 to 22 families in St George to assist with fuel bills for the winter.

Our Sister Edna Carter celebrated her 70th year as a member of the Grange in April. We are presenting her with her 70 year pin and a certificate of the occasion. It is because of members such as Sister Carter that the Grange is here for us to use and enjoy. We thank her for all of her years of service.

On Sunday, May 15th, Ocean View Grange members will replace the American flags on the graves of our soldiers and sailors at the Ridge Church cemetery. Our Grange has volunteered for this honor for many years and it never fails to impress on those of us who participate how many have passed and how much some have given to protect our way of life.

Postcript: The Ocean View Grange No 463 in Martinsville received applications for 5 new members within the last 3 weeks. Two of the applicants wanted to join after they attended our bean supper and toured our 2nd floor meeting room which was open to the public during the supper. I hope we can attract many more to join us.