Apr 032017

Maine State Grange Lecturer Margaret Morse has prepared a list of program helps for lecturers–thoughts, poems, skits, etc. It is posted to the Program Books and Information Page in the Lecturer’s Section or directly available from this post: April 2017 Lecturer’s Program Helps.  Check it out!

Mar 082017

margaretBy Margaret Morse,
MSG Lecturer

William Faulkner wrote, “If a story is in you, it has got to come out.” Some people were just born to write, it seems that all they have to do is put their pen to paper and the words just flow, are you one of them?

The Lecturer’s Department is again sponsoring the Poetry, Story Writing, and Skit Writing contests.

  • The Poetry contest is opened to all Subordinate and Junior members. The categories are: 1. Nature, 2. Love, 3. Grange, 4. Patriotic, and 5. Other.
  • The Original Story Writing and Original Skit Writing contest are opened to all Subordinate members. Stories or skits must not exceed 10 minutes (approximately 500 words).

The deadline for submitting entries to these contests is July 1, 2017, and should be sent or e-mailed to my home. All skits, stories, and poetry entries will be printed in a booklet for all to use and enjoy. Complete rules may be found on the Maine State Grange website in the Lecturer’s section of Program Books & Information.


Feb 182017

Webmaster’s Note:  The following article is reprinted with permission from an e-newsletter published by Paul Stearns, State Representative for District 119, reprinted with permission. 

MARVEL! Maine’s Virtual Library provides every resident of Maine with access to a collection of full-text articles and abstracts from magazines, newspapers, journals, and reference books that are credible, reputable resources.  MARVEL! also offers students, business people, public library patrons, and higher-education students and educators the ability to search a number of resources at one time for information.

Funding comes from the Maine State Legislature and the joint efforts of the Maine State Library, University of Maine, Colby, Bates, Bowdoin College, the Public Utilities Commission, and MTEAF (Maine Telecommunications Educational Access Fund), commonly known as State E-rate.  This collaboration makes statewide licensing of MARVEL! resources extremely cost effective and provides these resources for every school, library, and resident of Maine.

Feb 032017

margaretBy Margaret Morse,
MSG Lecturer

Have you joined the Book Reading Club? If you’re the type of person who can find any reason to relax and read a good book then you’re the person we are looking for. The Book Reading Club is open to all Grange members including Junior members. To join all you have to do is keep a list of the books you have read (include the author and number of pages for each) since September 1, 2016, and send this list to me before September 1, 2017. All those who join the club will receive a special gift. Prizes will be given for the most books read and the most pages read. This is a great way to participate in a contest while doing an activity you already enjoy!

Hold these dates! The Annual Northeast Lecturer’s Conference will be held July 31, August 1 & 2, 2017 at Castleton University in Castleton, VT. If you’ve never been to a lecturer’s conference it is a great opportunity to meet people from all over the northeast and get ideas for programs. This conference is open to all Grangers, not just Lecturers. Look for more information coming out this spring.


Jan 142017

Webmaster’s Note:  The following article is reprinted with permission from an e-newsletter published by Paul Stearns, State Representative for District 119, reprinted with permission. Sounds like a great resource for a Lecturer’s Program and might fit into Family Health and Hearing.

 New Consumer Booklet Free to Maine Residents:  “On the Money – A Young Person’s Guide to Personal Finance”

Maine’s Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection announces the release of a new consumer publication, “The Downeaster Common Sense Guide:  On the Money – A Young Person’s Guide to Personal Finance.” The new, nearly 50-page booklet is online at www.Credit.Maine.gov.  Free printed copies are available to Maine residents by calling 1-800-332-8529.

Bureau Principal Examiner David Leach, who coauthored the guide, said it will help people become more “situationally-aware” when facing major decisions or making key choices about their finances, including:

  • the financing of a vehicle or student loans;
  • establishing and maintaining credit responsibly;
  • the significance of credit reports and credit scores;
  • the fundamentals of purchasing stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investments;
  • comparison-shopping for the lowest annual percentage rate (APR) when using credit;
  • the basics of auto, home, life, and health insurance;
  • realizing that credit cards do not represent “free money,” and that charges and cash advances must be paid back, with interest; and
  • avoiding too-good-to-be-true fraudulent offers, such as foreign lottery winnings, no-interest loans, or no-risk investments.

The online version of this new guide and all other “Downeaster Common Sense” financial publications can be found at www.Credit.Maine.gov by clicking “Publications.”  Copies can also be ordered by calling the Bureau at 1-800-332-8529 (toll-free in Maine) or 624-8527.

Jan 062017

margaretBy Margaret Morse,
MSG Lecturer

Happy 2017! How time flies, remember when some people were concerned about Y2K and what it would do to technology?

April is Grange month and right now it probably feels like it’s weeks away. However, now is the time to solidify your plans, if you haven’t already. An open meeting, with a program that is of interest to your members and your community, is a great way to promote your Grange and get nonmembers into your hall. It may also be an opportunity to present membership certificates and community citizen awards. Remember that all certificates from National Grange need to be ordered early to make sure they arrive in time for your meeting.

Dec 142016

Communication Bullets are short but big news!

Just a quick “bullet” to let you know that the “Lecturers Programs in  Box” on the National Grange Website are now accessible. In addition to this post, the link is now included on our “Program Books and Information Page.” During the National Grange Website makeover, several programs have been added including one yummy one about A & W Root Beer that includes recipes! There are currently ten programs to choose from, so even if you’re not “stuck” for a lecturer’s program visiting the site makes sense!

Dec 042016

margaretBy Margaret Morse,
MSG Lecturer

Seasons Greetings! However you celebrate this season, may you enjoy it with family and friends.

It is said the change is the spice of life, so spice things up. When putting your program together, mix things up. Remember the Lecturer’s task is to inspire, entertain and educate. Your program doesn’t have to follow the same pattern every time. In fact, changing the order will keep your members guessing what’s next. Make sure whatever you have planned flows easily from one part to another.

A BIG THANK YOU to Sister Sherry Harriman for editing and printing the 2016-2017 program guide and labels. Without her help, I would not have gotten then out as soon.

Nov 142016

margaretBy Margaret Morse,
MSG Lecturer

I joined John F. Hill Grange in 1971 and was installed Master in 1993. I first became involved at the state level when Brother Rick asked me to be a member of his lecturer’s committee. Since then it has been my honor to serve as a Deputy and State Soloist.

I would like to thank the members of the Maine State Grange for electing me. I would also like to thank those Sisters and Brothers who have agreed to serve on the lectures committee for the coming year.

Whether you are a first-time lecture or a seasoned veteran of this station I encourage you to ask for help when planning or presenting your programs. By this time you probably have presented one or two programs. I know that some subordinate Granges and most Pomonas plan a yearly calendar while others plan a month at a time. As lecturers, especially those who are planning their first programs, we often think we need to do everything ourselves. Remember asking for help in planning a program, calling a speaker, or asking a member to take part in your program makes others feel needed. In education, we talk about working smarter not harder and I encourage you all to do the same.

Oct 092016

By Amanda Brozana, National Grange Lecturer

For those who know me, you know I love to multitask. Watching TV and writing an article; making dinner and solving a Grange problem by phone; and even checking my email while driving. Yes, I admit it. I’ve often been a distracted driver, bragging about being newly behind the wheel at 16, on the cell phone doing an interview and taking notes while cruising down the small highway in my county back home. But after too many close calls and even more virtual introductions to those who have been significantly negatively impacted by the actions of drivers just like me, I know I have to say “it can wait” the next time my phone chimes while I’m driving.

This month, I am proud to provide to you the materials for a lecturer’s program –  in the fashion of the Lecturer’s Programs in a Box  – that can help you reach out to your members and community about the issue of distracted driving, defined as “the practice of driving a motor vehicle while engaged in another activity, typically one that involves the use of a cellular phone or other electronic device.” Included is a short presentation by AT&T, a significant partner of the National Grange for more than a decade, who has launched the “it can wait” initiative to raise awareness about distracted driving and implore people to drive safely. As part of the campaign, they have asked individuals to promise to “keep your eyes on the road, not your phone,” something 10,000,000 people have pledged so far.  We hope members across the country will add to that growing number of people who realize the responsibility of driving and risks of distracted driving.

In addition to the presentation, there are two handouts you may print to provide to your members and community and additional resources in many different formats. I highly recommend the simulation.  Feel free to print this list and provide to your members so they may ask their children and grandchildren to go through the distracted driving simulation and take the pledge.

It Can Wait Fact Sheet
It Can Wait Presentation
It Can Wait Flyer
It Can Wait Documentary
It Can Wait Commercial
Take the Pledge
It Can Wait 360 Degree Simulation
More Information

MSG Webmaster’s Note: I’ve added a permanent link to National Grange Lecturer’s Resources on the Program Books and Information Page