Jan 202018

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Happy New Year to each and every one of you. For those of you that sent me cards on the loss of another brother last month I thank you and will be sending notes out shortly as I finally had “my last surgery” I hope.  With the weather we have been having I hope everyone is working on their Craft and Baking entries. I do not have internet right now so if you have any questions please call me at my home: (207) 524-2011. the only time I will not be beside my phone is when I have Dr. appointments. Until next month, take care, my friends.

This year’s Quilt Block for National Grange is called “Tender Heart.” I’m not sure if it is on the National Granges website. I will include all the information in my April donation request for the year.

Webmaster’s Note: Unfortunately, this update arrived too late for inclusion in the January Bulletin, but we’re happy to post it here. There was fairly complete Quilt Block Information in the most recent National Grange Patrons Chain Newsletter.  Click the link to access it from the National Grange website.

Dec 052017

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Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving. Now just Christmas to get through. If anyone sent fudge to State Session and did not get their container back, please let me know so that I can get it to you.

I would like all the members to consider making items for the sewing contests as we only had six entries last year and if we do not get more than we may have to consider dropping that contest.

On another note, all handcrafts, as stated in the CWA booklet, MUST be judged at the Pomona Level. This year I was just as guilty as some other members. There CANNOT be more than one item in the same category from each Pomona, so please make sure all items are judged before being sent on.


Nov 102017

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I have been asked to be the CWA Director for another term and was absolutely delighted to accept the position.

The Penny March for House in the Woods at State Session came to the grand total of $1,360.00. You should all congratulate yourselves for a job well done.

For those that were not at the state session, the baking contest has been changed to muffins instead of pie. You may use your own recipe and when having them judged, please put four of them on a disposable plate with the label in a plastic baggie taped to the underside with the information showing.

I am working on filling the positions on the committee but am going to try something different by having the members have assigned areas/districts. As usual, if you have any questions, please feel free to call me and if I am not home I will get back to you ASAP.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Karen L Flagg
3 Jeanie Drive
Leeds, Maine  04263


Sep 162017

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Just a brief note to clear up any confusion on next years contests: first you can submit a whole pie instead of half as it will be less messy and easier to judge as to looks, color, etc. second in Class G, we DO NOT include sewing in this category as we are the only state that still has the Sewing Contest. Ann Burns has graciously agreed to be a drop-off point for Linus Quilts, but you will need to contact her as to when she is available: her phone number is 787-2489 and her address is PO Box 86, Sebago, ME 04029. I will be listing all of the winners from the State Grange Contests in my end of year report along with the Big E Needlework winners.Please call if there are any more questions.

Aug 232017

This “spot on” commercial has aired on PBS… great explanation of what the Grange has been and is about!

Aug 142017

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As you are reading this, I just want to remind everyone that the conference will be coming up in a couple of weeks so please get your donations, entries, and reports sent in to avoid “the rush.” I will be collecting the squares for National Grange at the conference and also at state session in October. Make sure you have all the papers filled out that National wants plus fill in ALL the blanks on the labels for the conference as I do not remember the Grange or Pomona that each of you belongs to. Not trying to nag but just giving you a subtle reminder. Look forward to seeing each of you at the conference and your reaction to some of the changes that I have made. Take care, my friends.

Jul 222017

Flagg (640x640)First of all, I salute all of you ladies and your many talents as I recently found out that I can’t even use a lawn mower or bush cutters without being wounded so with that being said let’s get going on needed information.

This year’s conference is scheduled for August 26th, starting time is by 10:00 A.M.If at all possible this year I would like everyone to get their entries to State headquarters a week before the conference so there will be more time to check the items in, for those that have issues with items sitting at state that long, you can be assured they will be locked in the office or if necessary I will keep them at my home.

Baking and Dress-A-Doll will be due by 9:00 A.M. on the day of the conference.We will not be having a paid lunch as we will be taking a short break but we should still finish up by 1:00 P.M. (something new to try).

I would appreciate it if you would put a note on your report sheets as to whether or not you use the Grange iron on labels when you donate quilts, pillowcases, etc.

A thank you goes out to Cynthia Maxwell as there are errors on the annual report sheet: Class O – should be Decorated Item, Class P – should be the Decorated Wooden Chest and Class Q – Should be Juniors. Baby Quilts are listed in the quilt categories and they are added in with the method of how they were put together. I hope that will clear up some of the confusion. As always check with Headquarters to make sure someone will be there when you want to drop off items.

As you all know, please call if you have any questions (524-2011) and on that note, I am going to try and put up a blind using a step stool and a drill. Look forward to seeing many of you next month.

Recently, Cynthia Maxwell of Excelsior Grange hosted a pillow case workshop and she showed several ladies on how to do the “hotdog method” and they were all fascinated on how little time it took but they also learned how to do French Seaming for a very nice finish. Ladies in the picture are Cynthia Maxwell, Barbara Strout, Catherine Farrell, Carolyn Bennet, Louise Roberts. Picture by Patricia Hall. Good job, ladies.

Jun 162017

Flagg (640x640)By Karen Flagg, CWA Director

Reminder! CWA is looking for donations of Baked Goods to have on the table at the yard sale on the 24th

Just a note to remind everyone that the CWA Conference will be on August 26, 2017 and that we have added sewing an outfit for an 18″ American Girl size doll.Look forward to seeing everyone and all of the entries for this year.I do want to give everyone (I hope) a chuckle as I  was rocking my 14-month-old great-granddaughter to sleep and I was kind of lowly singing to her and she wanted me to stop, total rejection but her brother can’t protest yet as he is only 2 months old. Until next month, take care.

May 302017

Hello Grange Brothers and Sisters,

Hopefully by now everyone has had their fill of snow and rain, for those that have tried contacting me for the last two months, I apologize for not being available as Mike and I bought a new home and it took almost two months to get an address, phone and mail it is was very surprising how quickly one can be out of touch.

I would like to mention that there will be a yard sale at State Grange on Saturday, June 24, 2017. CWA will be having a table with many new Craft Kits plus baked goods if anyone would like to donate any items, they can either call me or a Committee Member or drop them off at State Grange as long as you call first.

As in previous years,any Grange or person that makes a ten dollar donation to the New England Grange Building, House in the Woods, State Grange or Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers will receive a Certificate signed by the State Master and the CWA Director if you choose to send your donation directly to the organization ,that is fine but a certificate will not be sent.

I am enclosing all of the information received from National Grange about the Quilt Contest if you would like to bring the finished block and /or any other entries to State Session in October with the submission form attached then I will mail them the following Monday please be sure and read the directions thoroughly as they have included information for 2016 that I did not know about their are also different age groups included.

I’m not sure if everyone is aware that we have Certificates of Appreciation to be given to non-members for any items that they make for any of the Organizations that we support. The certificates were designed by Laurie McBumie of Nobleboro.

Enjoy your summer, I look forward to seeing you at the Conference on August 26th.


Karen L Flagg , DWA
3 Jeanie Drive
Leeds , Maine 04263
flaggkaren52atgmaildotcom  (flaggkaren52atgmaildotcom)  

Webmaster’s Note: You can find the 2017 Quilt Block Contest information on the Program Books and Information Page. The packet includes the rules, a pattern and submission form.