Aug 212017

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Some exciting news from an exciting Grange…

Maybe, just maybe, we’ve started something! For those who missed it, in my August “Exploring Traditions” Column, I described our experience attending Ceilidhs while on vacation in Nova Scotia and suggested some parallels for our Granges. “Why aren’t we dancing (literally and figuratively) more? Shouldn’t we at least be tapping our toes? It should be hard not to enjoy the Grange Way of Life when you’re sitting in a Grange Hall…”

Well, one Grange has accepted the challenge. If you haven’t seen her comment on the column, Sue Mack of Harrasseket Grange wrote “Excellent column! As a bagpiper and veteran ceilidh-attender myself (both Cape Breton and Scotland), I couldn’t agree more. We’re going to start the proverbial ball rolling next Saturday at our regular bean supper at Harraseeket Grange #9 in Freeport. I will be playing Scottish smallpipes to entertain folks as they wait for their supper to be served (good music, good smells!). I’m also inviting a harper or 2 to join me. How about you? Come join us!

So let’s congratulate and support them for trying this! It sounds like this could become a regular part of their monthly supper… so there’s great food and more! Remember, a Ceilidh is a “social gathering (often including music, dancing, story, and joke-telling.” Let’s remember that our suppers are more than good food and fundraising… they are an opportunity to create community, have fun, and maybe do some toe-tapping in the process.

A few details: The baked bean supper (and ceilidh) will be served this Saturday, August 26, from 5-6 p.m., at Harraseeket Grange located at 13 Elm Street in Freeport. The all-you-can-eat, homemade menu includes three kinds of homemade beans, hot dogs, pickles, biscuits, brown bread, potato salad, cole slaw, pasta salad, homemade pies, coffee, and beverages. The cost is $9, $4 for kids 6-12 and free for kids under 6.

Somebody take photos and send them… and if your Grange is trying to make your suppers into more than a supper… and make your meetings and events more than just meetings and events, please tell us about it! You can use the “submit” tab on the website or just email the webmaster (attach any photos to the email).

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Aug 142017

Who can believe that State Grange Session is only two months away?  The fundraising committee has many plans and ideas for State Grange including; a convention pin, Grange promotional t-shirt, basket raffle, cookbooks, pens, seat cushions (perhaps), and copper tool box mystery raffle and probably more.  These are just some of the projects were going to work on.  This is a long list and I’m hoping to get most of it accomplished. I have lots to do so, sorry for the brief column this month, I hope to have many updates of these projects for everyone next month!

Jul 152017

By Steven Haycock, Chairman

The yard sale held in June was a huge success!  Even though it rained when we were first opening the doors and setting up, it didn’t seem to dampen sales.  We raised $660.00 and donated $30.00 to the each of the scholarship funds of the Maine State Grange.  There are so many to people to thank, that I would be afraid to leave someone out, you know who you are and your help was greatly appreciated.  Thank you notes will be coming in the near future.  When the State Grange gets closer to selling the headquarters building in Augusta, we will be having another yard sale to sell some the contents of the building that have been acquiring for the past 50 years.

With the yard sale being over the fundraising committee has completed its two major fundraisers for the year, but the work is not over by a long shot.  We still have our Agricultural Pride T-Shirts for $12, Grange car magnets for $3.00 and candy bars, pins, bracelets, and keychains.  The cookbooks will be ready for State Grange, and I know everyone is going to enjoy them.  We are also working on a few other projects, which we will be announcing soon.

May 232017

by Steven Haycock, Fundraising Chair

It’s that time of year again for our Yard Sale fundraiser at State Grange Headquarters in Augusta.  This year the yard sale will be from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 24.  We are seeking donations of gently used items for us to sell.  Please no clothing, exercise equipment or televisions.  Donations can be dropped off at State Grange HQ in advance, please call to arrange a time.  We may be able to pick some items at your home.  All donations need to be at State Grange before Friday, June 23.

This year we are renting tables for $20.00 to individuals, Granges, committees, etc. to sell items.  A portion of the table rent income will be donated to the scholarship funds of the State Grange.  Please contact Steven Haycock at 998-2586 or granger04071ataoldotcom  (granger04071ataoldotcom)   to reserve your space.

A special thank you to Dave and Kathy Gowen who donated two pick truckloads of items when they recently moved.

A light lunch will also be available that day, so please plan on stopping by and to see all the treasures that we will have to sell.  Thank you in for continuing to support the fundraising efforts of the Maine State Grange.

May 122017

By Steven Haycock, Chairman

If you couldn’t attend the Variety Show on April 29th at Topsham Grange, you missed a great show!  We had many wonderful musical acts and hilarious skits, jokes and stories.  During intermission, we all ate delicious pies for refreshments.  This was organized by Ruby Bryant.  Our raffles were a big success and many thanks to the following businesses that donated an item for the raffle:

  • Walmart in Brunswick
  • Fiore Olive Oils and Vinegars in Brunswick
  • Tractor Supply Company in Brunswick
  • Firehouse Subs in Topsham
  • Main Street Sweets in Brunswick
  • Tire Warehouse in Topsham
  • Hannaford in Topsham
  • Day’s Jewelers in Topsham

Thank also go to Ruby and Christine Hebert for bringing additional raffle items.  I’m happy to announce we raised over $600.00 after expenses and of that we’re donating more than $200.00 to the three scholarship funds of the Maine State Grange.  We put out containers for people to donate directly to the scholarship of their choice and people were very generous.  A special thank you to Shirley Hatch who won the 50/50 and then donated it to the scholarship funds!  We had so much fun that night, everyone seemed to have a great time and we’re already looking forward to next year’s show.

The fundraising efforts are always continuing and now we’re focusing on the upcoming Yard Sale on June 24, 2017 from 9 am to 2 pm at State Grange HQ.  I really want to take a moment to thank David and Kathy Gowen of Highland Lake Grange for donating two truckloads of items for the sale!  We are asking members to donate gently used items for us to sell on our white elephant table.  Please, no clothing, TV’s or exercise equipment.  Pick up of items might be able to be arranged.  You can also drop your items off in Augusta, please call ahead to arrange a time.  We will be selling lunch that day as well.

In addition, we are renting tables for $20.00 if you would be interested in selling your stuff at the sale.  For more information or to rent a table please contact me at granger04071ataoldotcom  (granger04071ataoldotcom)   or 998-2586.

Please remember that we still have our Grange car magnets for $3.00 and Agricultural Pride t-shirts for $12.00, I can ship them for a small fee.  Thanks again for supporting the fundraising efforts of the Maine State Grange!

Apr 282017

By Steven Haycock, Fundraising Chairman

We’re only a few days away for the Maine State Grange’s Variety Show at Topsham Grange on Saturday 4/29/17 at 6 pm.  Admission is $6.00 and $2.00 from each ticket sold will be donated to the scholarship funds of the Maine State Grange.  A portion of the profits from this evening will also be donated to the scholarship funds.  The hall is located 47 Pleasant St, which is just off Route 201 (Main St.) in Topsham.

We have a great lineup of acts including music, comedy, vocals and more!  During intermission, we will be selling slices of delicious pie and beverages.

We will also be holding a Pick Your Prize Raffle with tickets costing 2 for $1.00 or 12 for $5.00.  Items for this raffle have been generously donated by local businesses.  Prizes include:

  • $25.00 Gift Certificates to Day’s Jewelers x 3
  • $20.00 Gift Card to Hannaford
  • $50.00 Gift Card to Walmart
  • Free Front Alignment from Tire Warehouse
  • 2 Packages of Gourmet Jelly Belly Jelly Beans from Main Street Sweets
  • 4 Free Medium Subs from Firehouse Subs
  • Assorted Wall Décor from Tractor Supply
  • Pink Baby Camo Set from Tractor Supply
  • Wallet and Head Lamp Set from Tractor Supply
  • Artisan Olive Oil and Vinegar Gift Sets from Fiore Artisan Olive Oils and Vinegar x 3
  • And More

Plus a great door prize as well!

Also available for sale will be the Agricultural Pride t-shirts for $12.00 and Grange car magnets for $3.00.

This is sure to be a great fun, family friendly evening for one and all.  So load up the car and come to Topsham and support the Maine State Grange!


Apr 152017

By Steven Haycock, Chairman

By the time some of your read this article the Variety Show fundraiser for 2017 will be in the books.  If by chance you’re reading this online, the Variety Show is on April 29 at 6:00 p.m. at Topsham Grange on Pleasant Street in Topsham.

Looking ahead we have a Yard Sale at State Grange HQ on Saturday, June 24 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  We’re again seeking donations of gently used items for us to resale.  You will need to contact State Grange HQ at 1-800-464-3421 to arrange a time to drop your items off.  We may be able to arrange pick up of some items.  Gently used clothing is acceptable, but please no exercise equipment or old TVs.  A light lunch will also be available.

We’re also renting tables for $20.00 if you would like to sell your stuff that day as well.  Please contact Steven Haycock at 998-2586 or granger04071ataoldotcom  (granger04071ataoldotcom)   by June 21 to rent a table.

Please keep in mind that we know have a supply of the green agricultural pride t-shirts $12.00, & Grange car magnets for $3.00.  If you would like to order on of these items contact me at the information above.

Mar 162017

By Steven Haycock, Chairman

We’ve got about a month to go before the Variety Show at Topsham Grange on Pleasant Street in Topsham.  The date is Saturday, April 29, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. The admission fee will be $6.00.  There will be a raffle with items donated by local businesses, and during intermission Ruby Bryant is coordinating refreshments featuring slices of pie.  We are starting to get some nice acts signed up, thanks to Merton Ricker who is our recruiter-in-chief.  If you have a talent and you would like to share it, please contact me as soon as possible as Merton will be in Japan.  (Don’t worry he’ll be back in time for the show.)  Also, do you own a local business?  Want some free advertisement, consider donating something to the raffle?  We will mention you in the program for the night, and on the State Grange Facebook page. A portion of the proceeds from the Variety Show will be donated to the Maine State Grange’s scholarship funds; agriculture, educational aid, and Howe’s nurses.

On June 24, 2017, we will be holding a yard sale at State Grange HQ from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. We are seeking attic treasures and other gently used items. Also, you can join us, we are renting tables for $20.00. We will be selling lunches and having a cooked food table as well.  More information coming soon!

I’m so happy to say we have gotten a supply of the Agricultural Pride t-shirts in for sale.  These are the green t-shirts we were showing at State Grange! They depict a farmer standing in corn field and the caption says, “Farmers… Outstanding in Their Field.”  These t-shirts don’t promote Grange, so they are suitable for anyone, especially those interested in agriculture.  The cost is $12.00 and we have sizes Medium – 4X.  We can ship these to you if you would like for an additional $5.00.

We also have the Grange car magnets back in stock for $3.00.  These are not only great on your vehicle, but also on mailboxes, metal doors, refrigerators, and similar items.  These make great gifts and are also a super promotional tool.  We can also ship these to you for $1.00.

If you would like to purchase one of the above items or have any questions about the Variety Show or Yard Sale, please contact me at 998-2586 or Granger04071ataoldotcom  (Granger04071ataoldotcom)  .

Feb 152017

By Steven Haycock, Chairman

Do you have a talent??

  • So far, we have around four acts for the Variety Show on April 29, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. at Topsham Grange, so we still very much need your help to fill out the program.  We’re looking for singers, dancers, musicians, skits, & comedy acts.  Don’t forget also at the show we will have a raffle for items donated by local businesses, delicious refreshments and more.


  • The work is progressing on the cookbooks, and my goal is to have them available for sale at the Variety Show.  There will be three separate cookbooks, Appetizers & Main Dishes, Desserts, & Pickles and Preserving.  Be sure to plan on picking up the whole set.

Ag Pride T-Shirts:

  • The Agricultural Pride T-Shirts have come in and I’ll have them for sale as soon as I can pick them up in Augusta.

Car Magnets:

  • The Grange car magnets are back and have come in.  I’ll have them for sale as soon as I can pick them up in Augusta.

Yard Sale:

  • The fundraising committee will be having a yard sale at State Grange HQ on June 24 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  We are again asking people to donate some attic treasures for us to sell.  We will also be renting tables for individuals or Granges that would like to join us.  Lunch will also be available.  Save the date and more information will be available soon.
Jan 132017

By Steven Haycock, Chairman

Do you have a pen ready?  Here are two dates you need add to your calendar:

  • April 29th, 6:00 p.m. – Variety Show at Topsham Grange
  • June 24th 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Yard Sale at State Grange HQ

We are still searching for acts for the variety show, so if you have some talent and would like to share please contact me.  We will also be having raffles and selling pie for refreshments.

For the yard sale, we are asking members to donate gently used items for us to sell.  Please contact State Grange HQ or me to set up times to drop your items off.  We may also be able to arrange to pick up some items.  We are going to be renting tables out as well. Each table will be $15.00 and approximately feet long.  You can sell whatever items you wish on your table, but please remember that this will be advertised as a yard sale, so yard sale items/pricing is what the customers will be expecting.  Please contact me to rent a table.

We have received a new shipment of the Grange car magnets, and I will have them with me to sell as I travel to Grange meetings.  I should also have some of the Agricultural Pride green t-shirts available as well.