Oct 172017

Brothers and Sisters, we have had a great fundraising year!  Together we have raised over $2,100!  For a complete summary of the last year please visit the Maine State Grange website and read our annual report.  I think next year will be even better with the two of cookbooks available beginning at State Grange.  Also, we know we have a winner in our agricultural pride t-shirts.  We just now need to find the best way to market and get these products to non-members, any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I know this information will be a bit dated for the Granges who receive the paper copy of the bulletin, but here is a list of what we will have at State Grange for sale for those who see these articles digitally.

  • 2017 Convention Pin
  • Chair Cushions (the metal chairs at State Grange session can get be brutal after a couple of days.)
  • Assorted Grange jewelry and accessories from Monroe Classic
  • Basket Raffle with baskets donated by Pomona Granges etc.
  • Agricultural Pride T-Shirts
  • Candy Bars
  • Cookbooks Desserts – Pickles & Preserving
  • Pens

Until next month… Happy Halloween!

Oct 162017

The California State Grange, utilizing the National Grange 501(c)(3) Foundation has established the “2017 CA Fires Support Fund” to receive tax-deductible charitable donations. This Grange Charitable Fund will be used to provide support to those affected Members & Community/Pomona Granges having needs created by the wildfires. As of yesterday, no Grange Halls have been lost, but several Grange members have lost their homes.

California State Grange Master Ed Kominski describes one Grange, Redwood Valley Grange as having some “Amazing Patrons” and note the hall has been opened to start serving their community in conjunction with the Mendocino Sheriff’s Department and North Coast Opportunities and Animal Control. Among services being provided:

  • The Hall will be open 10-6 every day until not needed and are providing Free Child Care
  • Free Professional Crisis Counseling and referrals are available
  • Lunch at 12:30 every while there is a community need.
  • All day refreshments are available
  • Town Meeting will be at the Grange – date TBD
  • The hall is a place to come, share, play music, and game tables are available.

All this is being done by Grangers who are having their own personal struggles.

Maine Grangers can help by participating in the California State Grange Fundraiser. Kominski notes, “Support and funds are coming in great numbers. We have seen fantastic support but we need to reach more people.”

The California State Grange, utilizing the National Grange 501(c)(3) Foundation has established the “2017 CA Fires Support Fund” to receive tax-deductible charitable donations. This Grange Charitable Fund will be used to provide support to those affected Members & Community/Pomona Granges having needs created by the wildfires. Every donation of $25 or more will receive a t-shirt in appreciation for the generosity – “California Granges – Moving Together”

Donate to the CA Fires Support Fund

Oct 132017

A big thank you to those Maine Grangers who contributed to the success of the store at the New England Grange Building this year. As a Trustee I want to thank you and so does the Store Manager and Building Managers who run the store for us. Below is this year’s preliminary report:

This year’s fair weather had several variables, the first week was hot and humid, Grange weekend was very sunny & hot which started 95+ degree heat wave for 5 days. On Wednesday evening the cold weather moved in. There were 3 days of rain but 1,525,553 attended the 17 days of the Eastern States Exposition.

Total receipts for the store/crafts were $28,200. In the store cookie cutters were a new item and went very well as did the candy sticks. The new varieties of jams, syrups, pickles, and relishes did extremely well so did the colored popcorn. We had the pleasure of seeing many empty shelves at the end of Fair! The store took in $12,809.

A big thank you to all you crafters that supplied us with crafts: Scrubbies ran out the second Monday. We have only a few hanging towels, baby afghans, and mittens at the end of the fair. People are still asking for adult mittens, slippers, ladies sweaters, aprons, plastic bag holders, new unique Christmas ornaments, children’s stuffed toys, Halloween, fall and Christmas decorations, skillet handle pot holders, and door draft stoppers just to name a few. The craft section was $15,500.00.

Tom Gotauco had to complete the ladies and work on men’s bathroom as the contractor that was hired was not satisfactory. A little more work is needed in the men’s bathroom. Also, all the State Flags were moved from around the sides to the front of the hall over the stage. A new backdoor was installed and the cement steps were repaired. There was a lot of rot found in the process which had to be replaced/repaired. George Thomas and Steve Logan installed the window blinds and Linda says they look great!

On Grange Day, Linda picked up pastries, brewed coffee and Claire poured apple cider for the people that work or volunteer in the Avenue of States buildings for just under $300 saving us $2,300. The Blues Crew family entertainers perform 2-one hour’s sets during the day. We were graced with the presence of the National Lecturer-Chris Hamp and her husband Duane, who came to visit the Big E all the way from the state of Washington. Chris was able to cross off a few items on her bucket list by visiting the Big E and riding an elephant. Chris and Duane also marched with about 40 Grangers in the parade.

The managers want to thank all the volunteers who work the cash register in the Grange store, and the Raffle table where $4,075 is being split between the Veterans Home in Bennington, Vermont and Hurricane Relief.

Overall – A great year!

Sep 132017

The Fundraising Committee has some exciting things planned for State Grange Session this year.  I’m happy and a bit relieved to say that two out of three cookbooks have been sent to the printers and will be available for sale.  Desserts and Pickles & Preserving are going to be $5.00 each or two or more for $4.00 each.  The third book Main Dishes will be available at a later date.

We are also happy to announce the return of Grange Jewelry from Monroe Classic including Membership, Past Master, Secretary, Lecturer, & Degree Pins.  Earrings, necklaces, novelties and more!  These items will only be available at State Grange so don’t miss out on this opportunity to save some money on shipping and handling.

This year we have designed a convention pin that commemorates the 150th Birthday of the Grange.  We will be having a basket raffle on our table with baskets donated by Pomona Granges.

In addition, we will be selling Maine State Grange pens, our Agricultural Pride T-shirts, candy bars, and car magnets.  This will be a great opportunity to get in some early Christmas presents and support the Maine State Grange at the same time.

Sep 042017

The annual Maine State Grange Session is fast approaching! I’m putting together some plans for the kitchen and could use your help.

Volunteers are needed.

Several people have already volunteered to take on some of the major kitchen responsibilities, but I am still looking for people who are willing to volunteer some time to help in the kitchen (schedule somewhat flexible). Anywhere from three to seven people (depending on the time of day) will be needed in the kitchen. “Jobs” include making sandwiches in the morning, and serving lunches, beverages and/or snacks. Help is needed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The kitchen will not be able to function efficiently without sufficient help. Please let me know soon what you would like to do and which day(s) and time(s) you are available to help.

Donations are welcome.

Please let me know what you plan to donate what by Sept. 30 so I can plan to purchase the rest. Items needed include:

  • Bottled water
  • Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Diet Sprite, orange, root beer, ginger ale
  • American Chop Suey (3 batches needed)
  • Individual bags of potato chips
  • Desserts–cookies & bars
  • paper goods such as hot cups, paper towels, dinner plates (sturdy), napkins, plastic forks

We plan to sell coffee and muffins each morning; sandwiches (ham & cheese, chicken salad, tuna salad, PB&J), cookies/bars, chips, and a hot meal (chop suey Thursday, mac & cheese Friday, with biscuit) at noon; and beverages (coffee, tea, hot cocoa, water, soda). Beverages and snack items will be available at all breaks.

Please contact me by email  (lmcb293atgmaildotcom)   or at 207-563-5347 to let me know what items you/your Grange can donate and if you are available to help out in the kitchen. We’ll have fun and eat well!

Aug 272017

Amazon Smiles LOgoFor those unfamiliar with the Amazon Smile Program, it’s a way for Amazon Shoppers to direct Amazon contributions to nonprofits (501(3)c) based on purchases. With a huge Grange Thanks to Executive Committee Member Vicki Huff, the Maine State Grange Foundation is now enrolled in the program!

Amazon describes the program, “AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon that lets customers enjoy the same wide selection of products, low prices, and convenient shopping features as on Amazon.com. The difference is that when customers shop on AmazonSmile (smile.amazon.com), the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charitable organizations selected by customers.”

This is from my Amazon page–yours will look slightly different.

For Grangers and Grange friends, it’s quite easy. All you have to do is use this special link to the Amazon Website: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/34-2041352. (We have a button with the link readily available in a sidebar on the website.) You’ll know you’ve succeeded when the upper left corner looks something like the photo included. The key is the words “Supporting Maine Grange Foundation.”

Amazon is already tracking your purchases… they will, at regular intervals, send the Foundation a donation based on one-half percent of all purchases made using the Amazon Smile link. It costs you, the shopper, nothing. Other than using the link, you need to nothing to make this happen. Your shopping habits and purchases remain confidential–the only thing Amazon sends to the Maine Grange Foundation is money! The only thing you do (other than using the URL) is shop!

You can download an Amazon Smiles Program Flyer to post on your bulletin board and distribute to members and friends… the more shoppers we have, the more money we raise.

Shop Amazon Smiles

*If you can’t remember this link, just go to https://smile.amazon.com/ where you’ll be able to search for the Maine Grange Foundation. And speaking of remembering… this is a great time to subscribe to the Maine State Grange Website!

Subscribe to Maine State Grange Website!


Aug 212017

Short messages from your Communications Department

Some exciting news from an exciting Grange…

Maybe, just maybe, we’ve started something! For those who missed it, in my August “Exploring Traditions” Column, I described our experience attending Ceilidhs while on vacation in Nova Scotia and suggested some parallels for our Granges. “Why aren’t we dancing (literally and figuratively) more? Shouldn’t we at least be tapping our toes? It should be hard not to enjoy the Grange Way of Life when you’re sitting in a Grange Hall…”

Well, one Grange has accepted the challenge. If you haven’t seen her comment on the column, Sue Mack of Harrasseket Grange wrote “Excellent column! As a bagpiper and veteran ceilidh-attender myself (both Cape Breton and Scotland), I couldn’t agree more. We’re going to start the proverbial ball rolling next Saturday at our regular bean supper at Harraseeket Grange #9 in Freeport. I will be playing Scottish smallpipes to entertain folks as they wait for their supper to be served (good music, good smells!). I’m also inviting a harper or 2 to join me. How about you? Come join us!

So let’s congratulate and support them for trying this! It sounds like this could become a regular part of their monthly supper… so there’s great food and more! Remember, a Ceilidh is a “social gathering (often including music, dancing, story, and joke-telling.” Let’s remember that our suppers are more than good food and fundraising… they are an opportunity to create community, have fun, and maybe do some toe-tapping in the process.

A few details: The baked bean supper (and ceilidh) will be served this Saturday, August 26, from 5-6 p.m., at Harraseeket Grange located at 13 Elm Street in Freeport. The all-you-can-eat, homemade menu includes three kinds of homemade beans, hot dogs, pickles, biscuits, brown bread, potato salad, cole slaw, pasta salad, homemade pies, coffee, and beverages. The cost is $9, $4 for kids 6-12 and free for kids under 6.

Somebody take photos and send them… and if your Grange is trying to make your suppers into more than a supper… and make your meetings and events more than just meetings and events, please tell us about it! You can use the “submit” tab on the website or just email the webmaster (attach any photos to the email).

Email the Maine State Grange Webmaster Subscribe to Maine State Grange Website!

Aug 142017

Who can believe that State Grange Session is only two months away?  The fundraising committee has many plans and ideas for State Grange including; a convention pin, Grange promotional t-shirt, basket raffle, cookbooks, pens, seat cushions (perhaps), and copper tool box mystery raffle and probably more.  These are just some of the projects were going to work on.  This is a long list and I’m hoping to get most of it accomplished. I have lots to do so, sorry for the brief column this month, I hope to have many updates of these projects for everyone next month!

Jul 152017

By Steven Haycock, Chairman

The yard sale held in June was a huge success!  Even though it rained when we were first opening the doors and setting up, it didn’t seem to dampen sales.  We raised $660.00 and donated $30.00 to the each of the scholarship funds of the Maine State Grange.  There are so many to people to thank, that I would be afraid to leave someone out, you know who you are and your help was greatly appreciated.  Thank you notes will be coming in the near future.  When the State Grange gets closer to selling the headquarters building in Augusta, we will be having another yard sale to sell some the contents of the building that have been acquiring for the past 50 years.

With the yard sale being over the fundraising committee has completed its two major fundraisers for the year, but the work is not over by a long shot.  We still have our Agricultural Pride T-Shirts for $12, Grange car magnets for $3.00 and candy bars, pins, bracelets, and keychains.  The cookbooks will be ready for State Grange, and I know everyone is going to enjoy them.  We are also working on a few other projects, which we will be announcing soon.

May 232017

by Steven Haycock, Fundraising Chair

It’s that time of year again for our Yard Sale fundraiser at State Grange Headquarters in Augusta.  This year the yard sale will be from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 24.  We are seeking donations of gently used items for us to sell.  Please no clothing, exercise equipment or televisions.  Donations can be dropped off at State Grange HQ in advance, please call to arrange a time.  We may be able to pick some items at your home.  All donations need to be at State Grange before Friday, June 23.

This year we are renting tables for $20.00 to individuals, Granges, committees, etc. to sell items.  A portion of the table rent income will be donated to the scholarship funds of the State Grange.  Please contact Steven Haycock at 998-2586 or granger04071ataoldotcom  (granger04071ataoldotcom)   to reserve your space.

A special thank you to Dave and Kathy Gowen who donated two pick truckloads of items when they recently moved.

A light lunch will also be available that day, so please plan on stopping by and to see all the treasures that we will have to sell.  Thank you in for continuing to support the fundraising efforts of the Maine State Grange.