Feb 132018


Community Service Corner

As we are heading into spring I hope everyone is gearing up for some new and exciting Community Service Projects.  The Community Service Committee is hard at work planning the first of three workshops to help both your Community Service and Family, Health & Hearing Committees with upcoming projects.  Please keep an eye out for the flyer on the Maine State Grange Website.  The event will be held March 24, 2018, from 11 am to 1 pm at Riverside Grange 488, Little River Road, Lebanon, ME 04027.  The committee plans on making this a fun and interactive event.  Bring your thinking caps.  Please contact Christine Corliss via email at Christinecorlissatymaildotcom  (Christinecorlissatymaildotcom)   or 207-651-6494 if you plan on attending.  Riverside Grange will be providing snacks for the event.  All are welcome to attend and have some fun.

 Family, Health & Hearing

March Awareness – Brain Injury Awareness Month, National MS Education and Awareness Month, March 2 – 9 is National Sleep Awareness Week, March 27th is American Diabetes Alert Day.  Try to bring knowledge to those around you on these items or even more.  Work together to provide the information to make people aware of just what is happening around the world.  Anything worth doing is worth doing together.

Let’s make a difference one project at a time.

Feb 072018

Short messages from your Communications Department

A couple of additions to your website today…

We’ve uploaded the most recent “VA Wish List” — you’ll find a link to it in the Community Service Section of the Program Books and Information Page. Remember, it makes sense to check this list to also learn what is NOT needed at this time!

We’ve created a new link to National Grange Legislative Bulletins in the Legislative Section of the Program Books and Information Page.  These Bulletins are issued monthly and are chock full of useful news and updates. Just one example this month–some great information on the work that’s beginning this month on the Farm Bill.

Thanks to those Exciting Granges and Grangers who have been submitting news and photos… Please keep ’em coming! Your fellow Granges and Grangers love hearing good news about what’s happening around our state.

Remember, we’re still counting down to Grange Month 2018. Rather than repost all the National Grange Resources on the MSG website, use this link to download what you need: 2018 Grange Month Page on the National Grange website.

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Jan 272018

Webmaster’s Note: Information provided courtesy of California State Grange.

A note of explanation… this information comes to us courtesy of California State Grange. These are grants available nationally… that might be of interest to Granges interested in Community Service Projects and rural development. Unfortunately, the information has passed through several hands and formats. As a result, the “clickable links” have been lost. I suspect, however, an Internet search wouldn’t be too difficult. Admittedly, most are fairly large scale but I thought any grant information is better than none and might start the wheels of creativity turning.

If you know of any grant sources, send whatever information you have and we’ll share it on the website! Sharing resources is also “the Grange Way.”

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Support for Communities to Prepare for Environmental Challenges

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation: Resilient Communities

The Resilient Communities program, an initiative of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) with support from Wells Fargo, is dedicated to helping communities prepare for future impacts associated with sea level rise, water quantity and quality, and forest conservation. The program places special emphasis on helping traditionally underserved, low- and moderate-income communities build capacity for resiliency planning and investments in “greener infrastructure. In 2018, grants will be offered in the following two categories: The Regional Adaptation through Regional Conservation Projects category will support projects that help prepare for fire in the Western Region, floods and droughts in the Central Region, and sea-level rise in the Eastern Region. Grants in this category will range from $200,000 to $500,000. The Community Capacity Building and Demonstration Projects category will support projects that help communities understand, organize, and take action to address risks and opportunities through

improved resilience brought about by enhanced natural features. Grants in this category, ranging from $100,000 to $250,000, can take place anywhere in the U.S., but should address multiple cities and communities. Nonprofit organizations, local governments, and Indian tribes are eligible to apply in both categories. The pre-proposal deadline is February 15, 2018; invited full proposals must be submitted by May 10, 2018. Visit the NFWF website to review the request for proposals.

New Dance Works Funded

National Dance Project: Production Grants

The National Dance Project (NDP), a program of the New England Foundation for the Arts, is widely recognized as one of the country’s major sources of funding for dance. NDP’s signature approach invests in artists to make new work and provides grants to the organizations that present those works on tour in their communities. The program provides a package of support that includes up to $45,000 towards the creation of a new work, approximately $10,000 in general operating support, and up to $35,000 to support a U.S. tour of the work. Grants are highly competitive and are awarded to around 20 dance projects each year. The upcoming inquiry application deadline is March 1, 2018. Visit the New England Foundation for the Arts website to review the funding criteria and access the application forms.

Grants to Develop Rural Community Design Workshops

Citizens’ Institute on Rural Design

The Citizens’ Institute on Rural Design (CIRD) provides rural communities throughout the United States access to the resources they need to convert their own good ideas into reality. CIRD is offering competitive funding to as many as four small towns or rural communities to host an intensive, two-day community workshop to help build their capacity to solve their design challenges. The CIRD 2018 program is focused on helping rural leaders and residents come together to find creative solutions for the following design issues: Multimodal Transportation, Healthy Living by Design, and Main Streets. CIRD’s contribution includes a $10,000 stipend and in-kind technical assistance services. Support is provided for rural communities with a population of 50,000 or under. The application deadline is February 16, 2018. Visit the CIRD website to learn more about the program and to download the Request for Proposals.

Hiking Trail Projects Supported

American Hiking Society: National Trails Fund

The National Trails Fund, sponsored by American Hiking Society (AHS), provides support to grassroots nonprofit organizations throughout the country working toward establishing, protecting, and maintaining foot trails in America. The Fund’s grants, ranging from $500 to $3,000, help local groups build and protect America’s public trails. Grants will be considered for the following: projects that have hikers as the primary constituency; projects that secure trail lands, including acquisition of trails and trail corridors and the costs associated with acquiring conservation easements; projects that will result in visual and substantial ease of access, improved hiker safety, or avoidance of environmental damage; and projects that promote constituency building surrounding specific trail projects, including volunteer recruitment and support. Applying organizations must be AHS Alliance Members. Online applications are due February 16, 2018. Visit the American Hiking Society website for application guidelines, as well as information on becoming an AHS Member.

Funds for Literacy Programs in Company Communities

Dollar General Literacy Foundation

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation supports nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and libraries that offer literacy programs in communities served by Dollar General in 44 states. The Foundation provides support through the following grant programs: Adult Literacy Grants support nonprofit organizations that provide direct services to adults in need of literacy assistance. Family Literacy Grants support family literacy service providers that combine parent and youth literacy instruction. Summer Reading Grants help nonprofit organizations and libraries with the implementation or expansion of summer reading programs for students who are new readers, below grade level readers, or readers with learning disabilities. Online applications for the three programs described above must be submitted by February 22, 2018. In addition, Youth Literacy Grants support schools, public libraries, and nonprofit organizations that work to help students who are below grade level or experiencing difficulty reading. The application deadline for this program is May 17, 2018. Visit the Foundation’s website to access guidelines for each grant program.

Historic Preservation Supported

National Park Service

The Save America’s Treasures program provides preservation or conservation assistance to nationally significant historic properties and collections. The application deadline is February 21, 2018.

Award Honors Young Environmentalists

Environmental Protection Agency

The Presidents Environmental Youth Award honors a wide variety of projects developed by young individuals, school classes, summer camps, public interest groups, and youth organizations to promote environmental awareness. The application deadline is March 1, 2018.

Jan 182018

Danville Junction Grange #65 has completed their Dictionary Project for this year!  We were able to distribute 360 dictionaries, which included five different schools in Auburn and New Gloucester. During our many years of participating in this project, our Grange has distributed over two thousand dictionaries, something of which we are very proud!

A special fund to purchase dictionaries has been established by Danville Junction Grange.  Money is raised for this fund in many ways.  We sell Rada knives and frozen chicken pies at our suppers and sales. Some money is donated by standing committees or individuals.  We also have received community service grants from the Maine State Grange.

The photo shows a group of students from one of our schools inspecting their new dictionaries.  While this project is very worthwhile, we Grangers, who deliver the dictionaries, gain so much enjoyment from feeling the excitement when we meet the students!  They are so excited and enthusiastic!  It is fun to watch their faces as they discover the sections on sign language, planets, presidents, and, of course, the page which has the longest word in the dictionary!  We feel that this is a very worthwhile project, and one which we can continue for many years to come.

Jan 102018

Short messages from your Communications Department

Just a quick reminder–around this time every month, I receive an updated “wish list” from the Maine Veterans’ Association–you can find the most current list in the Community Service Section of the Program Books and Information Page. The January 2018 list is now available… it includes items needed, volunteer help sought and a short list of items that cannot currently be accepted.

On the topic of Community Service… if there’s a Grange in the Waterville Area looking for an opportunity to serve, I may have an opportunity for you that’s quite manageable. As many of you know, I work (volunteer) with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), conducting Suicide Prevention Classes and encouraging “good mental hygiene and health.” They have recently opened the Waterville Peer Recovery Center in Waterville. I recently visited to donate some books to their lending library. I was give the “five-cent tour” and am very impressed with the program–in simplest form, they are creating a “community center.” I had a great visit with some of the folks and found myself wishing I lived closer. The Center Manager has some exciting ideas such as a garden (well, not until spring!), possibly some meal related events, etc. — projects of the sort Grangers could help with! We’re about building community too! If you think your Grange or some of your members would be interested, shoot me an email! I’ll share what I can and put you touch… Thanks!

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Jan 032018


Community Service Corner

I hope everyone is staying warm and had a wonderful and safe holiday season.  I want to welcome Anne Staples and Holly Welch to the Community Service/Family, Health & Hearing Committee. They will be a great addition.  If you need help in Penobscot Area please feel free to contact Anne Staples, in the Cumberland and Oxford Union Area please contact Holly Welch, in the York County area or anywhere else in the State please feel free to contact me.  Community Service would like to have individuals from several other areas join our team so that we can get the word out in person when needed.  Community Service will be hosting a few workshops over the year in different areas to talk about CS Books, Family, Health & Hearing Contest, “officer” of the year nominations and the Committee itself.  We are hoping to make this an interactive workshop with fun, laughs, and information.  Our first workshop will be held March 24, 2018, in the York County Area at Riverside Grange from 11 am to 1 pm.

Family, Health & Hearing

February is upon us sooner than we think, time to bring February Awareness to your Grange.  February is American Heart Month, National Children’s Dental Health Month, February 13 – 19 is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Awareness and February 14 is National Donor Day.  Please check out the American Heart Website for Little Hats Big Hearts Program.  http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Affiliate/Little-Hats-Big-Hearts_UCM_487734_SubHomePage.jsp. Please copy and paste this address into your URL. It will bring you right to the information.  Anyone who knits or crochets can send some to them.  Please take the time to participate. Just be sure to include your Grange and State name when sending them in.  Take a picture and include in your CS Book.

Let’s make a difference one project at a time.

Dec 302017

Members of Danville Junction Grange contributed to the annual Salvation Army Project again this year. They came laden down with many unwrapped toys, games, books, and knit goods. Pictured from left to right are Glenys Ryder, Community Service Chair and Envoy Holly Johnson of the Salvation Army.

Dec 052017

Thanks to the VA for providing this information… you can always find the latest list on the Program Books Page in the Community Service Section.

Nearly every month we receive and post an updated list from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs of their needs. The list includes volunteer opportunities as well as items needed, plus a short list of items that are not needed or cannot be accepted at this time. We’ve just posted the December List: VA-Wish-List-December-2017.