Dec 172015
Communication Bullets are short but big news!

Communication Bullets are short but big news!

With thanks to Laurie McBurnie, past Junior Grange Director, several Junior Grange documents have been updated to include correct contact information for new director Christine Hebert.

Documents updated include Junior-Program-2015-16_as-of-12-10-15Junior Grange Application, and the Memorial Brick Brochure for ordering bricks for the MSG Headquarters Memorial Garden.

We suggest you replace any existing material you may have… and remember, there are lots of resources available to you on the Program Books and Information Page. We’ve also just added a link there to the National Grange Youth Program Book… if you decide to print it, be prepared. It’s 65 pages long!

Apr 242015

by Matt Dunn,
Youth Committee Chair

Matt DunnHello all, It looks like spring has finally sprung, thank goodness. Hope all are starting to get out and enjoy the better weather. I want to let everyone know about the Northeast Youth Conference 2015 being held in Rhode Island July 10-12. This is a great opportunity for our youth to meet and greet other youth form around the Northeast. It also gives an opportunity to show off the talents with different contests. Our superb communications guru Walter has posted all the information (schedule, registration forms, etc.) on the MSG Website under the Conferences tab.

Please contact me if you think you might be going as the organizers want a general idea of numbers by mid-May

I encourage all youth that can to attend. It is a great experience just plain fun.

Also just to remind folks if you bowl or play mini golf please get me your scores. Remember both activities are going through the end of September. We want your scores to be counted.

Thanks all and have a great spring!

Jan 272015

By Matt Dunn, Youth Director

As most of you know as part of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) we all need to have Medical Insurance. The Insurance Marketplace is an option to find health insurance and this can be a bit confusing, especially if you are not computer savvy. Well, the Youth Department has been given a way to assist you with this. Anyone who would like to help please contact me at mdptsfanathotmaildotcom  (mdptsfanathotmaildotcom)   and I will assist you with getting information so you can help others. More importantly if you need assistance with the Insurance Marketplace, please contact me at the email listed above or at 602-0856 and I will assist you or get you in contact with someone else who can. I hope we get many people to help and please call or email if you think you need assistance.

Jan 132015

Matt Dunn

by Matt Dunn, Youth Director

Hello all and Happy New Year! Just a quick bit of info from the Youth Department. First, I want to thank everyone again for all the assistance at State Session it was greatly appreciated. I am starting to contact people who left me information at the session for assistance they want from me and those offering assistance to me. Don’t forget the bowling and the mini golf scores can come in anytime between now and the end of September. Also please keep the assistants contest in mind. It will be the third or fourth Sunday in August depending on when headquarters is available.

Please get back to me with any suggestions and even though it is chilly out remember to “Shine, shine, shine in our communities.”

Aug 092014

Matt Dunn

by Matt Dunn, Youth Director

Well folks we are getting closer to the end of summer with school sports starting soon and so is our installation season.

I hope every one is having a great summer. Not much to report on my end other than to remind everyone to send in their mini golf scores.

Please also do not forget the Assistant’s Contest Sunday 24th of this month at 2 p.m. at state headquarters. I hope to see many teams there.

Have a great August everyone!

Jul 142014

Matt Dunn

by Matt Dunn, Youth Director

Summer is here and I hope you all are having a great one. Please get to me with any scores for bowling or golf so we can make sure that all are recognized.

I am literally just back from the Northeast Youth Conference–an excellent gathering. I first want to congratulate and thank the New Hampshire Youth Committee for their hospitality and running of the conference. It was an extremely fun event with all the speeches, both prepared and impromptu, the sign-a-song, the radio spot and the drill competition. Also we had a very insightful talk from the National Youth Director on “Yes in the world of No” which I will explain more in the coming months. Please remember that the summer camping is next weekend the 19th and 20th in Saco. I hope to see many there.

Have a great July and please remember the assistants’ competition.

Jun 102014

Matt Dunn

by Matt Dunn, Youth Director

Summer FINALLY seems to have arrived! I hope all are well and able to get out to meetings all over the state. I have three bowling scores so far, please get your scores to me if you haven’t. I am already getting mini golf scores and at the moment the Worthy State Master and I are tied for the best score. Come on folks don’t let us win!

It looks like the assistants’ contest will be at the end of August. I will send information to Granges when the exact date is determined. I also want to let everyone know that Mill Stream Grange just conferred the degrees last Saturday and had seven candidates–two of them under 21 years old. We need to gain these younger members and give them plenty of opportunities to be active members!

Hope everyone has a great summer!

Apr 082014

Matt DunnGuess what?  I think spring is actually happening! My goodness what a tough winter! But we got through so it is time to get out and start enjoying Maine. Please remember the bowling is going on until the end of April. Please email me your scores and what kind of bowling you did to get them: ten pin, candle pin or Wii. The Assistants competition dates will be firmed up soon and I will get them out to all along with instructions. Since spring has at least begun to sprung go out, visit a new Grange, talk to younger people about joining our tremendous organization. Encourage the younger people in your Grange to do as much as they can. From their involvement comes our future strength.

Mar 132014

Matt Dunn

By Matt Dunn, Youth Director

The bowling tournament is going from now until the end of April. There will be three divisions: ten pin, candle pin and Wii. Please email your results to mdpatsfanathotmaildotcom  (mdpatsfanathotmaildotcom)   and remember to tell me which of the three divisions you are in. The Mini-golf tournament will be in July and August. Please get me your scores during that time.

Another thing I want to bring up is the Assistants Competition that the Youth Committee is sponsoring. We want as many teams as possible to get involved.  If you have a pair of assistants who want to get into the competition please email their names and Grange(s) to me and we will set the date. Please send your team information to me by the end of April.

Thanks to all and have a great Grange Month

Feb 252014

Youth Logo

A reminder from Youth Director Matt Dunn…

All those interested in moving the Youth Program forward, please try to be at Grange Headquarters on Saturday, March 1  at 10:00 for a meeting of the Youth Committee and friends–you do not have to be a member of the committee to attend. Discussion will include ideas for events during the year. All are invited!