Feb 072018

Christine Hebert1

Juniors and Youths, on March 31, 2018, we will be having Public Speaking, Sign-A-Song and Sign the Alphabet contests at Highland Lake Grange in Westbrook on Route 302 from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm with a supper. Participants eat for free, all others will pay $5.00 with proceeds going to the Youth Committee. The menu includes mac & cheese with hot dogs and a dessert. Beverages include water, coffee, milk, and a punch.

The Junior’s Annual Meeting will follow. I need to know approximately how many people will be attending, please call me at (207)743-5277 with an RSVP. Remember Juniors, bring a friend.


Feb 072018

SAVE THIS DATE…..The Northeast Grange Youth Conference will be held July 13-15, 2018. We have secured a perfect location, after a year-long search, but we are waiting on approval from our Worthy Master, Officers and Executive Committee before we can reveal the Maine location. The National Youth and Junior Directors plan on attending, plus we will have Grange members of all ages attending from Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Connecticut.  We will have plenty of room and we are pleased to announce that the cost will be low. The contest will be fun and the winner has the opportunity to compete Nationally and practice at Maine State Grange Convention if you win First Prize at The Northeast Grange Youth Conference in July.

It is time to get your Lip Sync, Sign a Song, Impromptu Speech, Prepared Speech and Radio Spot. ready for March 31, 2018, at Highland Lake Grange, Westbrook, ME  from 1:00 pm to 5:00 p.m. The first place prize is an overnight stay at Northeast Grange Camp, a 50+dollar value or a cash prize of 20 dollars. Second place is 25 dollars off Grange Camp or a cash prize of 10 dollars and Third place is 15 dollars off Grange Camp or 5 dollars cash. Dinner will be served and our theme is “Party Like It’s Your Birthday ” so possibly we will celebrate 150 years of Grange with Cake and favors! To find out the contest rules for ages 14 and up, please find the Grange Youth 2018 Program and Contest Handbook, under both the Maine State Grange Program Tab (Heading) and National Youth Tabs and ages 5-14 under the Junior Program Tab.

Dec 282017

The Maine State Grange Youth will meet, 11 am on January 20, 2018, at Camp Dorothy, 2380 Hudson Road, Hudson ME! If you are 14 to 35 years of age, willing to help our committee, or your Grange Youth Liaison….. please join us Saturday, January 20th!

RSVP as lunch will be served. Be sure and let me know if you have any special food request.

This is a very important year for our Youth as we are hosting the 2018 Northeast Grange Youth Conference and we must continue moving forward with our planning.

Oct 072017

Where has the year gone? State Convention is in just a two weeks and I Still haven’t located my Youth Regalia. Have you seen our sash? I’m looking forward to seeing old youth and we hope to welcome new youth. Please encourage anyone 14 to 35 to join us this year at State Grange. We have a fun weekend planned with a few surprises.

Maine is hosting the 2018 Northeast Grange Youth Conference and I would like Maine Youth to help with planning the camp. I will be taking notes during the convention and will delegate accordingly.

Unfortunately, we do not have unlimited resources, so we will announce Bowling and Miniature Golf winners but will not be providing the beautiful ribbons we have in the past. Please snail mail your scores or email the winners. We need to know the results before State Grange, as we do have a prize or small token of our appreciation. Please note if you bowled large or small balls .

Our Grange Youth Convention Schedule is as follows:

  1. All Grange Youth check in at the Youth Table upon arriving. If you have a gift bag or item for the Youth Table bring it with you.
  2. We plan on having a 50/50 as well as the opportunity to win prizes and we will sell our Maine State Grange Youth Conference t-shirts. (They are not dated so we can use them for Maine Youth year after year!)
  3. On Friday, as soon as the session ends, ANY Youth or Young Person who would like to Open Saturday Morning, please meet at the Grange Youth Table. All Youth will get their free t-shirt for Saturday. We will quickly practice opening.
  4. Friday night Youth will go out for Chinese! Old people are welcome to join us. If cost is truly an issue let me know. (All requests will be kept confidential.)
  5. Saturday morning, Youth will meet 45 minutes before opening session.We will practice opening one last time.
  6. Saturday, we could all go to Pizza Hut after closing session!(?) Vote yes or no upon arrival.

I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you this year.

Jul 132017

By Terry Lee LaCombe-Stevens
Youth Director

The Northeastern Youth Conference was held at UMASS in Amherst MA last weekend. Approximately 80 people attended! Jared Grienier represented Maine–you may recognize his name from Ag in the Classroom, a program he is passionate about.

Jared competed in the Youth Impromptu Speech Contest and won second place. In Adult Impromptu, I won second place.

We ended the Conference with a prayer service led by Jared, the Drill Competition and a passing of the books and sign to Maine! As many of you are aware Maine will be hosting next year’s Northeastern Youth Conference on July 13-15, 2018. Please consider having a fundraiser for the Youth Department.

Send the name and contact information for any Youth between the ages of 14 to 35 affiliated with your Grange to me.

Jun 152017

By Terry Lee LaCombe-Stevens

It is hard to believe but the Northeast Youth Conference is less than a month away! We have room for a couple of young people and old!

If you are interested in going to U Mass Amherst, this July 7th, 8th and home on the 9th, please call or email me! We have scholarships available if you are between the ages of 14 and 35 ! We welcome/need all ages, but we apologize, we do not have scholarships available if you are over 35!

Remember we are hosting the 2018 Northeast Youth Conference and “Many hands make light work” consider attending this year to train for next year!

We only need 8-20 people  (75 percent Youth) to have a Drill Team! Contact me if you are interested!

Last but not least I would like Cristina Colson, Immediate Past Maine Youth Director for her hard work and enthusiasm! She has become a full-time student and needs to focus on her school work! We look forward to seeing Christina and her hard working Sister in Grange Youth and attending Grange Programs!

Apr 242017

With apologies for the last minute announcement, the Youth Committee has announced a Youth Public Speaking Contest (not to be confused with the Junior Public Speaking Contest to be held in June). The contest will be held Saturday, April 29, 2017 at Topsham Grange Hall on Pleasant Street in Topsham at 4:30 pm, before the Maine State Grange Variety Show which is at 6:00 p.m. The rules as provided are:

There are 3 age divisions based on their ages on January 1, 2017: 1. Youth 14 – 21 years of age, 2. Young adult 22-35 years of age, 3. Adult (Sr. Youth) 36 + years of age.

Props are allowed but must be appropriately sized for the room. Points can be deducted for props.

For all categories, voice and stage presence are important. Speak clearly, easy to understand; dress appropriately and neatly; expression, emotion, enthusiasm, confidence all matter. Points will be taken away for going under or over the time established.


Contestants choose their topics and will be given an impromptu question, relating to the speech, at the end. A minimum of three minutes and maximum of fivc minutes.


A radio spot is an advertisement promoting the Grange. Pretend you’re a “DJ” and you’re doing a commercial for the Grange. Can include one or two people in the radio spot.

Radio spots should be exactly 60 seconds in length and may include a musical or sound effect introduction and/or background, but may not include a spoken introduction or “tag” by another other than the contestant. If music or sound effect is used, the contestant must provide and operate the sound-making device. The contestant will provide a complete written script (including notations about music/sound effects) to the timekeeper to aid in timing accuracy. Musical/sound effect introductions and endings are considered a part of the radio spot and must not cause the 60 second time limit to be exceeded. The spot should relate to the Grange, be original and created by the contestant.


An impromptu speech is delivered without preparation or thought ahead of time. No note cards are used, and topics are generally drawn.

  • We hope that by establishing an impromptu speech category that members will build confidence and in the future participate in the prepared speeches or the radio speech category.
  • Impromptu speeches should be at least one minute in length and not longer than 5 minutes.
  • Time keeper will hold up hand when the 1 minute mark has been reached and then 4.30 minute mark has been reached so speaker knows when he/she can stop.
  • Participants will draw two topics, select their choice of the two and return the other one.
Apr 152017

By Terry Lee LaCombe-Stevens
Youth Committee Member

We will be having the Sign a Song Contest, in Topsham at The Grange Hall on April 29th at 4:30 p.m.! For contest rules go to nationalgrange.org and click on Youth!

The Maine State Grange Youth will host the 2018 Northeast Youth Conference! We are looking for Youth and ALL ages to join our committee! Our first meeting will also be on the 29th for dinner! We will meet at The Topsham Grange Hall at 4:15 p.m. and will decide on a dinner meeting place! (Youth are encouraged to attend and if purchasing dinner is a problem the committee will purchase the meal…. let me know and all requests are confidential.)

We would like to attend the NEYC in Massachusetts on July 7th-9th this year with a Maine Youth Drill Team… so let’s get together! We are allowed a few over 35 members on this team! Let us know if you are interested in drilling! The NEYC is really fun and a great way to make lasting relationships and memories!

Please contact me if you would like more information or would like a ride!

Happy Holidays and we look forward to seeing you on the 29th in Topsham.

Aug 162016

ColsonBy Christina Colson,
MSG Youth Director

I hope everyone is having a good summer!

Just a couple reminders don’t forget to send me your mini golf and bowling scores, I have not received very many. I also am still looking for any youth members that would like to take part in the opening for State Grange Session this year.

Also the youth committee is going to have a table at the volunteer fair coming on Saturday. If anyone has any ideas on what should be on the table please let me know. My contact info is in the Grange ODD Directory.

Hope everyone has a great rest of  your summer!

Jun 152016

ColsonBy Christina Colson,
MSG Youth Director

Just a little update on some things. The youth will still be doing the bowling and mini golf tournaments. The mini golf is going through the months of May and June please have your scores for mini golf sent to me with the player’s name what Grange they are from. The bowling will go through the months of July and August please have the same info for this as well. Wii bowling counts as well.

I am also looking for any youth members who would be willing to participate in a drill team for our state Grange session in October. Please let me know if you would like to participate. My contact info is on the directory.