Jul 112015

Submitted by Rick Grotton

A warm welcome to ten new members who observed the first four degrees on Tuesday, July 7 at Huntoon Hill Grange in Wiscasset! In addition to six new members from that Grange, there were two from Medomac Valley and two from Merriconeag. Many thanks to the Masters of those Granges, Sharon Blake and Samuel Alexander, for assisting with the degrees. Also to the members of Huntoon Hill Grange who volunteered to fill needed positions. It showed great Grange spirit!

May 122014
By Ronald and Lillian Dolloff
Memorial Fund Committee Co-chairs

The Grangers Memorial Fund was created by the delegates of the Maine State Grange Convention in Waterville in 1981 at the suggestion of Wallace and Geraldine Brown (Lillian’s parents) of Yarmouth Grange.  It was felt that this would give people an outlet to honor beloved Grange members and friends.

The names of beloved Grange members and friends are recorded in the Memorial Book which is in the possession of the Maine State Grange Chaplain, and may be viewed at the annual state Grange session.

This fund was originally started to purchase needed items for the headquarters, but has since been used for other things. Only the  Executive Committee can approve expenditures but must maintain a minimum balance of $20,000. Currently there is a balance of $24,000 and approximately $4,000 available.

Some of the fund in the past has been spent on: furniture for headquarters; flowers for deceased state grange officers and former officers; monument for former state officer; sound system; paint for headquarters; donation to the Cathedral of the Pines; Grange promotion; piano; helped furnish a room at Grange Cottage; helped with chair lift; office chairs and computer table for headquarters; grave markers for former officers; furniture for guest room at headquarters; money used over the years for grange expenses.  There were other things too, but this gives you an idea of how valuable this fund has been.

Any Granger may make suggestions regarding this fund to any member of the executive committee or to us. Donations may be mailed to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Dolloff, 100 Pine Street, Waldoboro, ME 04572.

Sep 202011

The Program Book for this year is complete and ready for downloading. Here’s your copy: 2011-2012 Program Book. This does not replace the “hard copies” normally distributed at State Conference, but will allow more folks to have a copy… and you can get it a whole month ahead of time.

Of course you’ll also find the book under “Program Books” under the documents you asked for. Note that as of this writing the other program books are last year’s. I will replace them as I receive them!

Thanks to all who contributed to the building of the book… and to Laurie McBurnie for making sure there is a copy here on your website.

PS: Note that this is the time of year when I start removing last year’s information (books, events, etc.). If you need any of this information, I suggest you download a copy now.




Dec 022010

From: Sue Hackett, Junior Director <jennsueatsuscom-mainedotnet  (jennsueatsuscom-mainedotnet)  >

The Memorial Garden at State Grange Headquarters

The Memorial Garden at Headquarters has really taken shape.  It looks great, even if it is lacking flowers now due to the seasons.  We currently have room for eleven (11) more bricks, so if you have been procrastinating and would like to purchase a brick, contact either State Grange Headquarters 1-800-464-3421 or Sue Hackett at 207-666-8849.  This is first come, first serve.  The cost is $40.00 each.  Up to 4 lines, 18 spaces recommended (21 maximum).  We can not stretch the number of letters or lines!