Feb 142014

McBurnieNational Grange has released the updated Merit Badge Book for Level 1 (ages 5-9) and the introduction to Level 2 Merit Badges (ages 10-14). These have been posted on the Maine State Grange website.

The Level 2 badges will be released as they are developed and approved. In the meantime, all ages may work on Level 1 badges.

There has been interest in the Junior member program. Details will follow when decided on by National. Maine has a State Junior Grange so youngsters between the ages of 5-14 are eligible to join that right now. Support and guidance for them from local subordinate Granges is much appreciated.


Dec 252013

A Christmas Thought…

“Above all, remember that amid all that is bright and beautiful in Nature there is nothing which blooms with such unfading colors–there is no perfume on earth fraught with such fragrance–as the flowers of good works and the sweet-smelling savor of that pity which feels for the wants and relieves the distress of our Sisters and our Brothers.”

Flora’s charge, second degree


Nov 112013

One of the more difficult tasks I face as webmaster is finding an appropriate way to honor our veterans when this most hallowed day rolls around each year. This year I’ve chosen to offer this explanation of Veterans’ Day… along with twenty five million thanks. When you watch and listen you’ll know why twenty five million.

Oct 182013

Master Vicki “We can!”

Here are a couple of quick updates regarding State Conference activities. Some information provided by Steven Haycock. Photos by Walter Boomsma:

It takes four hands! (To carry one Grange's "penny collection for House in the Woods"

It takes four hands! (To carry one Grange’s “penny collection for House in the Woods”

Master Vicki Huff has been re-elected as our State Master for another two year term. Remaining offices are being elected as this is being written.

Membership Contest winners have been announced as follows:

1st Ammadamast #379 Net Gain of 8 –  $225.00
2nd Franklin #124 Net Gain of 6 – $150.00
3rd Norway #45 Net Gain of 5 – $125.00
4th Halcyon #345 Net Gain of 4 $100.00
4th Huntoon Hill # 398 Net Gain of 4 $100.00

FFA members talk about their organization

FFA members talk about their organization

Community Service contest winners have been announced:
1st Riverside #474
2nd Maple Grove
3rd Mystic Tie
4th Bangor

2013 Grange Farm Family Winners Jerome & Cathy Moores & Family from Dover Foxcroft.

2013 Outstanding Tree Farm Abbott & Miram Ladd of Belgrade

Ag Commissioner Whitcomb speaks to the delegate body

Ag Commissioner Whitcomb speaks to the delegate body

Apr 022013
Highland Lake-Knight_resized

Warren Knight discusses ag with members and guests

Highland Lake Grange No. 87 in Westbrook hosted its first in a series of agricultural programs on March 24th. The evening was very enjoyable with 30 people in attendance, including five farm families.  Dr. Richard Brzowzowski from the Cooperative Extension Office of Cumberland County was the program facilitator.  Each farm discussed their operation and brought a power point presentation. They also pointed out the issues facing local farmers, especially the economic challenges and the creative ways they have found to make their farms economically viable. Farms in attendance were Sebago Lake Ranch of Gorham (grass-fed beef), Smiling Hill Farm of Westbrook (dairy), Jordan Farm of Cape Elizabeth (fruits and vegetables), Winslow Farm of Falmouth (organic fruits, vegetables and eggs) and Idle Knot Farm of Falmouth (vegetables).

The next agricultural night at Highland Lake is April 24th at 7PM with Dr. Brzowsowski presenting a program ways to extend the growing season in Maine. The Grange is at the corner of Rt. 302 and Hardy Road in Westbrook.

FMI – Dave Gowen, 854-5753 or gowenfrmatgwidotnet  (gowenfrmatgwidotnet)  Highland Lake-Hartwell_resized

Feb 162013

Wstick_figure_carrying_book_load_400_clrASHINGTON, D.C. – On Feb. 12, the National Grange released “Mentor in the Granges and Homes of Patrons of Husbandry” as a Kindle download available through Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Originally published in 1876, the book was designed to explain the origin, aims and government of the National Grange.

“First Chaplain of the National Grange, Rev. Aaron B. Grosh, paints a picture of all aspects of the Grange in 1876 for those seeking to join the organization and current members,” National Grange President Ed Luttrell said Tuesday.

Luttrell said the book was important at the time and gives those interested in history a view of the Grange and social pressures surrounding it.

“This book is a very thorough manual and was not only a very important read to members of the time but for those who oppose the Grange,” Luttrell said. “Grosh was very careful to use this book as an opportunity to speak to those who opposed the Grange at the time.”

He also said the book has great relevance for members today.

“This book [Mentor in the Granges and Homes of Patrons of Husbandry] paints a picture of the Grange in the late 1800s and reminds us today how the Grange has evolved. It is not only fascinating but important for Grange members to read and understand the history of the Grange,” Luttrell said.

The National Grange has signed a 90-day exclusivity deal for “Mentor in the Granges and Homes of Patrons of Husbandry” with Amazon and the Amazon Kindle Store. The e-book will be added to the Barnes and Noble Nook Store after the exclusivity deal expires.

This is the eighth e-book the National Grange has released. Previous releases include “The Granger Movement,” “Friend of the Farmer,” “Legal and Economic Influence of the Grange,” “Notes and Quotes,” “Proud Heritage,” “First Century of Service” and “People, Pride and Progress.”

“These books tell a very interesting history of the American people, spirit and culture,” Luttrell said.

Luttrell said the organization continues to seek treasures like Grosh’s book that tell the story of the Grange in communities and states throughout the nation as it prepares to celebrate its 150 anniversary in 2017. Any authors wishing to share their work with the Grange should contact National Grange Communications Director Amanda Leigh Brozana by email at abrozanaatnationalgrangedotorg  (abrozanaatnationalgrangedotorg)   or by calling (888) 4-GRANGE ext. 102.

“Mentor in the Granges and Homes of Patrons of Husbandry” is available as an e-book for $4.99.  BUY IT NOW.