Walter Boomsma

Amazon Smile Program Makes Us Smile!
-- by Vicki Huff, MSG Treasurer

A big thank you to all the Grangers who made purchases on Amazon in October, November, and December and chose the Maine Grange Foundation as your charity. While it is a relatively small amount, all monies raised this way will be paid once a year in June to the Educational Aid Fund. Many Grange families […]

Juniors Invited to Legislative Fly-in
-- by Christine Hebert, Junior Director

Junior’s, This would be a great opportunity for you to get involved and take a tour of the Capital along with other museums and attractions in DC. Please contact the National Junior Grange Director Samantha Wilkins, her information is at the end of this message. Good Day Grangers!! I am excited to pass on information about […]

Communications Bullet
-- by Walter Boomsma, Communications Director

The February Bulletin is now available on the website! Get your copy: MSG Bulletin February 2018. While all of the content has also appeared as posts on the site, it’s a great summary and could be printed (legal-size paper) and posted on your Grange Bulletin Board and handed out to members. While it doesn’t quite qualify […]

Thanks, Harraseeket (Freeport) Grange!
Exciting Ideas from an Exciting Grange

Thanks to Harraseeket Grange in Freeport and member Sebastian Meade for a great idea! Harraseeket is now including a drawing (a photo would also work) of their hall on all their flyers and promotional materials, “so [the hall] starts to become recognized from a distance.” In a word, “awesome!” This particular drawing was done by […]

Exploring Traditions–Meandering Around the Grange Way of Life, February 2018
-- by Walter Boomsma

I’m in the process of reading a very interesting book, Josiah for President. It raises the question, “Can a plain man of faith… become the leader of America?” I’m at the point where a former congressman has given up his campaign for president and by happenstance meets Josiah, an Old-order Amishman. Clearly, the question suggests […]

Master’s Memo — February 2018
-- By Sherry Harriman, MSG Master

Grange Month is fast approaching.  Have you made plans yet? Have you ordered your Certificates and/or Plaques you may need? Have you invited your guests?  It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant as long as you celebrate the Grange.  Have a discussion within your own membership – What is the Grange – What the Grange […]

Communications Column — February 2018
-- by Walter Boomsma, Communications Director

In a recent blog post, Seth Godin pointed out Newton’s law of thermodynamics postulates that energy is constant and can neither be created or destroyed. Seth goes on to point out the in organizational dynamics, the exact opposite is true, energy is constantly being created and destroyed. He also notes it’s easy to find acceptable […]

Fundraising Committee Report — February 2018
-- by Norma Meserve, Chairperson

As I write this the temperature is rising and there is a ray of sun, shining off the ice in my driveway! Has everyone seen enough ice for the winter? I know I have. It is time to look ahead and make plans for warmer weather. One of the things to look forward to is […]

Community Service Corner — February 2018
-- By Christine Corliss, Community Service/FHH Director

Community Service Corner As we are heading into spring I hope everyone is gearing up for some new and exciting Community Service Projects.  The Community Service Committee is hard at work planning the first of three workshops to help both your Community Service and Family, Health & Hearing Committees with upcoming projects.  Please keep an […]