Walter Boomsma

Back to School Safety

Webmaster’s Note:  The following article is reprinted with permission from an e-newsletter published by Paul Stearns, State Representative for District 119. Looks like some potentially good resources for a timely Lecturer’s Program or Family Health and Hearing Report! As summer draws to a close, back-to-school season is in full effect.  Remember to safely share the roads with […]

Online Absentee Ballots Available
-- November Referendum Coming!

Webmaster’s Note:  The following article is reprinted with permission from an e-newsletter published by Paul Davis, State Senator for District 4.  Absentee Ballots for Referendum Election Now Available Online If you would like to request an absentee ballot for this November’s General Election, they are now available through the Online Absentee Ballot Request Service. Absentee voting […]

Agriculture Report, August 2017
-- by Karen Hatch Gagne, Director

By Karen Hatch Gagne, Director Summer is going by fast and the Maine Agricultural Fairs are in full swing.  Thank you to all the Granges who have taken the opportunity to exhibit at your local fairs.  I have seen some fantastic displays, many focused on the 150th year of the Grange.  The summer and fall […]

Highland Lake Grange Open House
-- Re-Awake at the Lake!

Highland Lake Grange celebrated the 150th Birthday of National Grange with an open house August 13, 2017. Over 25 neighbors joined current and former Grangers to enjoy an afternoon of food, door prizes, birthday cake, tours of the Grange and a local trivia game “Duck Pond Jeopardy” with host “Monty Grange Hall.” Pennies were collected […]

Exploring Traditions–Meandering Around the Grange Way of Life, August 2017
-- by Walter Boomsma

Seth Godin recently wrote that it is not so much science and DNA that determines who or what we become, but culture does. He notes that our DNA is basically the same as a Cro-Magnon’s and, “The reason you don’t act the way they did is completely the result of culture, not genes.” It’s an […]

Communications Column — August 2017
-- by Walter Boomsma, Communications Director

I recently encountered two of my little friends from school at the supermarket. They said they were having a great summer but assured me they are ready to return to school. I did not admit I am not so much so… this has been an incredibly short summer! We recently returned from an extended vacation […]

Communications Bullet
-- Exciting Grange--Danville Junction

If your Grange participates in the Dictionary Project, you or your Grange Secretary should have recently received their recent newsletter… I believe it is mailed to all supporters and contributors. It’s a great piece because it can be a poster and even doubles as an order form. Well, this issue is of particular interest because it features […]

View from the Farm — August 2017
-- Crispy Pineapple

By Heather Retberg Late summer’s observations blur together as we fall further headlong into August’s frenzied pace.  While the frenetic energy of the season surrounds us, we walk at placid cow speed up and down the fields to and fro from the barn for milking times, or at goat pace, measured and halting for select morsels […]

Community Service Corner — August 2017
-- By Christine Corliss, Community Service/FHH Director

Community Service Corner Hello, Fellow Grangers! I am glad that some Community Service Books have rolled in and more are still rolling in. Let’s please try to get the 25% needed, so if you have not sent in an Activity Sheet and/or Community Service Book please do so. They can be emailed to me at christinecorlissymailcom  (christinecorlissymailcom)   or […]

CWA Updates — August 2017
-- By Karen Flagg, MSG CWA Director

As you are reading this, I just want to remind everyone that the conference will be coming up in a couple of weeks so please get your donations, entries, and reports sent in to avoid “the rush.” I will be collecting the squares for National Grange at the conference and also at state session in […]